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When throwing a party at home, the music problem is easily solved by using the computer and starting one of the music streaming services like Spotify or Amazon Music. For those who still have a good MP3 collection and want to try their hand as a Disc Jockey, there are several programs for turn your computer into a DJ mixer, with which you can really have fun. The difference between a DJ console and a normal media player is the ability to mix music in different ways, adding fades, scratches, and other effects.

Let’s see together how to use programs to mix music and play like DJs, without having to buy expensive cymbals or professional mixers but using only your home computer or better yet a notebook.

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Program guide for DJs and virtual mixers

With the programs below we will be able to transform the computer into a DJ mixer and play mixed music, so as to animate any party or unleash the imagination on the pieces of the 90s, always excellent to be remixed especially if we talk about the great successes of Eurodance.

Best programs for DJs and Mixers

The first program that we recommend you to try to mix two songs in MP3 is VirtualDJ Free, available for free download from the official website.

This app really has all the tools you need to creatively mix two songs, tweak bass levels, a scratch from song to song, and add musical effects (like fades, overlays, and more) easily. This tool can be used without problems by amateurs (also thanks to the support for the Italian language) and by professionals in the sector, who can also unlock new functions and new filters for the mix with a license to use (however optional).

Another program that we can use to turn the computer into a DJ mixer and play mixed music is Cross DJ Free, available for download from the official website.
CrossDJ Free

This program comes with a really complete and clear interface, providing all the tools for mixing at the click of a mouse. In addition to being able to mix two simple MP3 files and create real playlists of songs, we can expand our possibilities by installing the specific app on a smartphone or tablet, so that you can use other mixer tools with one hand while using the other. the computer program.

One of the simplest programs to use for mixing two tracks like a real DJ is Blaze, available for download from the official website (the free version closes every 30 minutes).

In a modern interface, it is possible to mix two MP3 songs with great ease but also remove the vocals (to recreate the Karaoke effect), apply transition effects, and adjust the sound settings without being masters of music: it takes very little to experience all the tools and start Mixing now!

Another free program we can try is OTS Turntables, which we can download from the official website.

Even if the free version of OTS Turntables is very limited and with several locked functions, it still allows you to create a playlist of songs and, during playback, have fun moving the discs on the platters. The best part of this application and also the reason why I write about it is the design: OTS Turntables puts in front of your eyes a real mixer designed made of two decks, an equalizer, a digital effects processor, and much more. It also offers a level of mixing that is only expected with commercial and expensive software. You can also set the mixed sequence automatically with continuous and sequential playback of the tracks in the playlist.
In the free version, as you can see by tweaking the interface, many functions are blocked but, fortunately, you can use equalizer fully and the Dynamic processor only in the preset presets. Unfortunately, you cannot save the playlists or even record the session but, since it is possible to load m3u files or load all the tracks that are inside a folder, you can organize a playlist outside the program and play it without problems.

Another completely free DJ program to turn your computer into a DJ mixer and play mixed music is maximum, available for download from the official website.

With this program, you can load music and mp3 files creating playlists that can be mixed. There is a “vynil” view showing the two turntables and scratching on them as well. The program has a somewhat spartan graphical interface and it is not too easy to find the desired functions but, from what I have seen, there is everything you need to add effects, for the equalizer, for volumes and to create fades.


While we will never become professional DJs, nothing stops us from using the programs above to create some fun mixes between two songs we like and, if we have a knack for music and mixers, we can also create fantastic playlists. to be played at a friend’s house or during a themed evening, so everyone can have fun.
In another article we also found other Free PC audio mixers to listen to mixed music with other alternative programs similar to those described above and also DJ programs for mixing music.

Always on the theme of mixing and DJing, we invite you to continue reading on our guides the best DJ apps for iPhone, Android, and PC, sites for play mixed music online, and sites that work like free music video mixer with Youtube.

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