Tablet in graphic tabletGraphics tablets are very useful in the business environment for those who often draw projects, houses, or company graphics and prefer to use their touch to be able to draw on the screen as if it were a drawing pad. If at that precise moment we do not have any graphics tablet we can arrange to use an Android tablet or iPad as if it were a graphics tablet.In the following guide, we will show you how to transform a tablet into a graphic tablet for a PC, using specific programs to take advantage of the tablet and its capacitive stylus and transfer your tablet screen inputs directly to your PC or Mac.

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Use the Android tablet as a graphics tablet

If we have a tablet with an Android operating system, we can turn it into a graphics tablet by downloading the app SuperDisplayavailable for free download from Google Play Store.


Using this app we will be able to transform the tablet into a precise and comfortable graphic tablet to use, using both the USB connection and the Wi-Fi connection.

To properly use the app on the PC we will first need to download the ADB drivers on the PC and enable USB debugging from the Android developer options. ADB drivers can be downloaded quickly from the site XDA Developers which allows you in a few seconds to have all the tools you need to be able to use the app without problems.

Once the ADB driver is installed on the PC, let’s move to the tablet, enable the developer options scroll through the items in this special menu, and activate the switch next to the item Debug USB.

Now that everything is ready we can install the driver di SuperDisplay; at the end of the installation, all we have to do is connect the tablet via USB cable to the PC and confirm the connection via USB on the tablet to see the PC desktop on the tablet so that we can start drawing on the favorite drawing app.

The SuperDisplay app is only available for free for 3 days; from the fourth day, it is necessary to purchase a license of 9.99 euros in order to continue to use the Android tablet as a graphic tablet.

Alternatively, we can use the app spacedesk, which works similarly to SuperDisplay but uses only the Wi-Fi connection to clone or extend the computer screen. With spacedesk you just need to install the specific program for Windowsconnect PC and tablet to the same Wi-Fi network, open the app and select the IP of the desktop computer to start drawing as if it were a graphics tablet.

Use the iPad as a graphics tablet

If we have an Apple iPad as a tablet we can use it as a graphics tablet on Windows PCs by downloading the app Astropad Studio.

Astropad Studio

With Astropad Studio we can clone the computer screen to the iPad and use the drawing tools like never seen before, using the Apple Pencil to draw and edit images with absolute precision.

To use this app, connect the tablet and the PC to the same Wi-Fi network, download the app Astropad Studio on the iPad, download the accompanying app on a Windows PC, and, as soon as everything is ready, we start the app on the iPad and connect to the PC to clone the screen and start using the drawing or photo editing apps.

The app is available for free for 30 days; at the end of the trial period, a user license must be purchased to continue using each function of the app.

Use tablet as a graphics tablet on Mac

If we have a Mac or a MacBook we can use the iPad as a graphic tablet without installing third-party programs but using the Sidecar function included in all recent macOS and iPadOS updates.


To use this function, make sure that both Apple devices have the same Apple ID account and that they are connected to the same Wi-Fi network; once you have checked these settings, press the icon at the top Duplicate Screen and select the iPad, so as to duplicate the entire Mac screen on the iPad. To learn more we can read our guide on using an iPad as a second monitor.

Alternatively, we can also clone only the window of the favorite program by moving the mouse on the green icon to enlarge the window (without pressing) and selecting the item Move to iPad.

Move window

In this way, the entire app window will be displayed on the iPad and we will be able to use the Apple Pencil to draw freehand or edit photos.

If we have an Android tablet we can use it on Mac as a second screen by downloading the app Duet Display and installing the companion app on Mac so as to be able to replicate all Sidecar functions even on the Android tablet and use it as if it were a graphics tablet.


The tablet can become an excellent ally if transformed into a graphics tablet so that designers and users of Photoshop and similar programs can use the touch screen of the mobile device to draw with capacitive nibs or with the Apple Pencil (the top of the technology).

Most of the programs reported are available in the trial: this means that, if we have to draw for work or for necessity, we will necessarily have to purchase a license to use one of the apps indicated.

To learn more we can read our guides for choosing a new tablet and how to transform and use your tablet as a portable PC.


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