In the past few hours, Twitter, also protagonist with some official positions taken by its CEO, has ventured into a new test, which started silently in various parts of the world: this is what it is about.
Twitter: a new context label is being tested, position taken by CEO Agrawal

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The popular social network Twitter continues to arouse the attention of media and fans of the sector due to the story that sees the billionaire Elon Musk (still?) Interested in taking over its total control: at the same time, from the same platform as the blue canary it seems to have started an interesting test regarding a new label.

As is known, the current CEO of Twitter, Parag Agrawal, in recent days has fired two important executives of the platform, Kavyon BeyKpour and Bruce Flack, who have been employed by the blue canary for several years, motivating the decision also with the need to reduce the costs (also contemplated by Netflix, with recent stops at various productions). In an exchange of tweets with those who asked him why to do it now, and not after the change of ownership, the chief executive of Twitter explained that, in a challenging context such as the one in which the microblog operates, it is not advisable to use the acquisition. as an excuse for not making important decisions, even difficult ones if any.

Regarding the stop imposed by Elon Musk on the negotiations for the purchase of Twitter, Agrawal said he was confident that the same will be successful, but added that we must be ready for every scenario, and continue to work to “build a Twitter stronger every day “: in this sense, he did not fail to thank the members of his team because they” remained strong and focused, sharp and agile. They are doing the job, as they always have. ” Finally, when asked what he might have been expected to do next, Agrawal said that changes for the better can be expected to embrace the complexity of the platform’s service and activities, revealing that it is his intention to “bring more transparency into the work that we carry out and of which we are proud “.

Finally, a concrete novelty. According to TechCrunch, which has had evidence of this in an Android version of its client, Twitter would be testing a label with which the author of a post could show his liking to a response received. Specifically, in this case, the badge with a heart and the wording “Liked by Author” would appear next to the answer, which would resemble the “Liked by Creator” badge that appears on Twitter when you intend to show appreciation for someone who responded to their posted video.

Apparently, the label being tested at Twitter would be visible both to those who affixed the answer and to the other tweeters: when asked about it, the platform, except to add details on the matter (e.g. in relation to the global nature of the test, of however, there have been tests in various parts of the world), however, he admitted that he is testing various labels to provide more context to the tweets that users see.

Meanwhile, the ongoing test has already begun to polarize the reactions of Internet users around it, with some considering the new label useless in case a tweet has only one answer and, in any case, distracting, while other users highlight how it is a way, in a post that has received many replies, to highlight some of them without having to add an answer in turn. Furthermore, the new label could also be a way to highlight the response from a famous person, such as a VIP.


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