Twitter: Between outgoing executives and returning former CEOs, embeds and paid mentions

New details emerge on Musk’s next moves at the helm of Twitter, with the fate perhaps marked for several executives, a probable return of co-founder Dorsey, and hypotheses of monetization for quotes and embeds of tweets from verified users.
Twitter: Between outgoing executives and returning former CEOs, embeds and paid mentions

In one way or another, the social Twitter continues to be talked about for the now safe acquisition by Musk, with the well-known billionaire who could fire illustrious executives of the blue canary, to welcome the former CEO Dorsey, and focus on charge for embedded or quoted tweets.

The weekly start of Twitter opened again under the banner of Elon Musk, whose main company, Tesla, in recent days has collapsed on the stock market by 20% when it was confirmed that the billionaire had sold another tranche of shares of the same, to finance the purchase of Twitter, bringing together, thanks to the disposal of 9.6 million shares, something like 8.4 billion dollars. Among the fears of analysts, there is the fact that Elon Musk could be distracted, in Tesla’s direction, by the new reality he is about to control.

Currently, the current Twitter CEO, Parag Agrawal, is going through a difficult time, as evidenced by the fact that he had to pacify employees, at a company meeting held on Friday, about their future, saying – to those who asked him for an honest opinion on what was happening – that he understood the different feelings they felt about the latest events, even if on a previous occasion he had reiterated that there were no plans for dismissal for now.

There may indeed be some torpedoes, starting from the upper floors. Recently, Twitter’s Global Head of Partners, Lara Cohen published messages of closeness and support to two social media executives criticized by Musk (accused of “misogyny” in this regard), represented by Vijaya Gadde, legal manager of the platform (who earns $ 17 million a year, and which could be liquidated with a $ 12.5 million severance pay), and by the blue canary’s Chief Marketing Officer, Leslie Berland.

The same CEO, Agrawal, according to Reuters, would have the hours counted and behind his eventual torpedoing there could be the return of the former CEO, Jack Dorsey who, coincidentally, in the past few hours, has resumed his opinion on Twitter, assuming the responsibilities of its management, with decisions made on the basis of available information, even if its main fault was not responding quickly enough to some problems. Among the changes that he would implement, there would certainly be, rather than the adoption of an open protocol, that of greater transparency regarding the policies and operations of the company. One thing that he would never do is permanent bans (with the exception of those for illegal activities).

Dorsey may not be the only one self-applying for a job at Twitter. Lately, the billionaire has been inundated on the microblog by several applications from users who apply for a job on the platform, sometimes simply as a joke (such as Lex Fridman, researcher at MIT, who has proposed himself as chief love officer, to increase the quantity of love in the world), sometimes more than seriously (like Nikita Bier, co-creator of the app of positive polls, now of Meta who closed it, tbh).

Musk, among other things caught in a long-distance confrontation with the leader of the young US Democrats Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who had spoken of hate crimes regarding a billionaire with an ego problem who unilaterally controls a huge platform of communication, which, however, had turned out to be Zuckerberg, according to some sources he is also considering other ways, in addition to intervening on the staff, to monetize Twitter and, among these, there would be the idea of ​​charging for the embeds of the tweets, or when a site includes a window that displays a given tweet. Specifically, the idea would be to charge if the embed concerns the tweet of a verified user (in the name of a decision that could also involve mentions of tweets from verified users).


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