Twitter: duplicate / copied content policy, permanent bans, TikTok-style tests and rumors

Elon Musk continues to have his say on how Twitter would change after the acquisition: in the meantime, the platform continues to work by implementing, among other things, a new policy for copied content and a test that recalls how TikTok works.
Twitter: duplicate / copied content policy, permanent bans, TikTok-style tests and rumors

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Always full of news even in share rumors, Twitter in the past few hours confirmed the existence of a test for a TikTok-style experience and, at the same time, implemented a clearer policy for duplicate content and spam: all while the probable Tesla’s future new owner Elon Musk has clarified his thoughts on permanent bans, and when it could be limited to suspensions.

Starting from the innovations already in place, in the past few hours Twitter has confirmed the existence of a test, now extended to more users and with a slightly different layout compared to the first tests in December, which offers a TikTok-style experience. Specifically, in the Trending tab, users can choose between Custom or Top Trends if they opt for what is the most popular content on the platform at that given moment. But when you go to the “For You” tab, the video content, even in tweets that also have text, are played full screen, vertically.

According to socialmediatoday, the motivation of this experiment, which evidently received positive feedback already in the first phase of December (hence step two), would be to obtain more information on the specific interests of each user, given that with a system à la TikTok in a frame only one tweet would be reproduced and, therefore, the user’s reactions in that case would all be considered “direct response feedback” to the post. Contrary to what happens today when, at a particular time, multiple posts are displayed on the screen.

After the first moves in 2020, Twitter has announced that it is implementing a new policy on copypasta content, i.e. duplicates, with the aim of clarifying which types of violations fall into this case and how they are addressed. Specifically, a copypasta content is a text, an image or a combination of several elements that has been “copied and pasted or duplicated by any means on the platform“.

Having clarified the concept, it will constitute a violation if a tweet is copied-duplicated and pasted so as to disturb the user experience of others. Likewise, it is always a violation when an identical or nearly identical tweet is shared by a single user or by multiple accounts. Assuming that the thing will not concern those contents tweeted or retweeted with comments or original contents, for the others there will be a limitation of visibility. Specifically, the content copypasta or in any case the protagonist of a spam violation will not be included in the Trends and Top Search, it can be downgraded in the advice via email and in the answers, and it will not be suggested in the timelines of those who do not follow the profile of the relative. poster.

This will lead to the removal of the tweet or the suspension of the account if the sharing of similar content borders on the manipulation of the platform and forms of spam on Twitter: for example, if an account publishes almost only copied content, or if you use automation o scripting to publish copied content (ipso facto altering search results and in-platform trends).

Let’s move on to future news, which could come if Musk were to materialize his Twitter purchase. Meanwhile, the billionaire’s mother, Maye Musk, began clamoring for the introduction of the tweet editing system, on which the platform has already been working for some time, the histrionic Elon, during the summit “Future of the Car “promoted by the Financial Times explained that according to him it was a mistake to permanently ban Trump (to which he would reopen the doors after the acquisition), because this has alienated most of the people who saw Twitter as a free square, and has not actually removed the voice of the former president, given that he has made a social network on his own.

According to Elon Musk, the permanent ban should only concern spam, scams and the use of bots: if something is said that could be harmful to humanity or illegal, it could give a sort of time-out, a temporary suspension. , also reducing attraction or making the offending tweet invisible. Finally, the rumors: from the leaker Nima Owji comes the discovery, taken from the web app version of the blue canary, according to which the social network is still working on its Status system, the Vibes, which at the moment, complete with icons, would be substantiated in Listening, Playing, Reading, and Watching.


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