Twitter: executives fired, rumors, privacy videogame official

The future of Twitter travels on a triple track, engaged in managerial restructuring and developing new functions, but also in educating its users to know the platform’s settings in terms of privacy.
Twitter: executives fired, rumors, privacy videogame official

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The well-known social Twitter, between one indiscretion and the other regarding future, probable, innovations still in development but already discovered, has announced the launch of a web game to illustrate its privacy settings, and fired some executives of weight to change the operating direction of the platform.

Like Meta, rival Twitter is also reviewing some of its choices, although in this case one of the reasons certainly lies in the total acquisition process initiated by billionaire Elon Musk. Specifically, several newspapers have reported, with subsequent confirmations of those directly involved, the news that the CEO of Twitter, Parag Agrawal, has fired two top executives of the blue canary’s social network: the first to communicate his torpedoing was Kayvon Beykpour, general manager of consumer products, in the company for 7 years, put on the door (with consequent support expressed by the former CEO, Jack Dorsey) to give the platform “a different direction”.

The second “fired” white collar worker turned out to be Bruce Falck, general manager of revenue, who has been with the company for 5 years and, in saying goodbye, thanked the teams he has worked with for their team spirit. Taking their place, covering both interim positions, as communicated in an email to employees, will be Jay Sullivan (the one behind the “Circle” function), awarded for “his vision of the product, the ability to inspire , move quickly and lead the change “.

Still in the management field, it emerged that, once the acquisition has taken place, it will not be Dorsey (co-founder of the blue canary) who will once again hold the role of CEO of the platform. In the past few hours, in particular, the comedian Charles Wieand, also known as “Wild Charles”, had tweeted that, according to him, Musk would have given back the command rudders to Dorsey who, however, intervened closely, replied explaining that he will not be never again the CEO of the social network.

Turning to the already concrete news, Twitter has published the possibility to learn something about his privacy by playing the videogame “Twitter Data Dash” (, developed by Momo Pixel. Specifically, it is a sliding platform in pixel art, in which you will have to take the dog Data for a walk in the PrivaCity park, together with a character of your choice, to avoid the dangers that will be hidden in the various levels (trolls, cats advertising, a sea of ​​private messages, etc), collecting 5 bones. At each level passed, you will receive an explanation on the privacy setting related to that level as a reward, with a button that will allow you to change it on the fly. The typical case is that in which, having avoided the cats with advertising billboards, having won, you will receive an explanation of how the user experience is personalized, and where it is possible to activate or deactivate the personalized advertisements. Likewise, in agreement with this initiative, Twitter has announced that it will be possible to consult its terms of service and its privacy policy both from the specific redesigned site and from the app settings.

In the meantime, thanks to the leaker Alessandro Paluzzi, there are rumors about news that are not yet evident but still in development. In this regard, the well-known programmer has discovered that the social is working on a shortcut to create the Spaces directly from the composer of the tweets. The user experience, then, could also be improved with the activation of a notification system for searches, and with the highlighting, at the top of the timeline of a profile, of the tweet number of that given account. Finally, the pop-up introduction for the “friends of friends” section on the Top articles page would already have been prepared.

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