Waiting for numbers on the likely meeting between Musk and the Twitter employees, the social network continues on its path, a bit bumpy in terms of stylistic changes, fielding interesting statistics and a useful function for companies.
Twitter: foments hatred for Musk, prompt anti-offense statistics, news for companies

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The famous social network of the blue canary, Twitter, expected today for a “match” between its employees and Elon Musk, criticized by the latter for his ideological favoritism, while engaging in chaotic interface changes, has announced its comforting data on alerts against harmful responses to tweets, and disseminated a useful function in favor of companies.

The first round of news relating to Twitter inevitably concerns the “betrothed” Elon Musk who, in these days, should receive from the social network the coveted panel of data from which to infer the real number of fake accounts and bots present, in order to to be able to evaluate the value of the investment that will be made (44 billion dollars) to transform the blue canary into a private company not listed on the stock exchange. In particular, Business Insider reported an email from CEO Parag Agrawal with which he communicated to employees that on Thursday 16 June a remote meeting would be held with Elon Musk, moderated by the head of marketing of the platform (the charming Leslie Berland ), during which they could have asked him questions on “topics that have been raised in recent weeks”, with an almost certain reference to issues such as employment, with the social network that has already undertaken some managerial changes, without forgetting the issue of freedom of expression, of which the billionaire has repeatedly portrayed himself as an “absolutist”.

In the past few hours, Musk has accused Twitter of being against half of the country. All this happened when the former real estate developer Chaya Raichik, who has 1.9 million followers on Twitter thanks to his Libs of TikTok account where he shares some liberal videos found on TikTok, received severe criticism, after talking about drag queen shows which children were also invited, with attached death threats, as a result of which she had to temporarily move home to move to a home that was safer for her.

All without Twitter (whose employees actually advocate the Libs of TikTok ban) suspended some of the threatening accounts, even after the publication (for the FBI) ​​of a private conversation in which it was threatened to ship it home. of a rudimentary handcrafted device. Faced with the woman’s complaints, Musk wondered why this attitude on the part of the social network, adding that “a platform cannot be considered inclusive or fair if it is unbalanced towards half of the country”,

Still on the subject of Twitter headaches, a report has just come from Androidheadlines and 9to5google, who have complained that, in recent days, Twitter is strangely doing the “three card game” with the three buttons “Copy link”, “Bookmark” . “Copy link”, changing their position with the consequence that, due to muscle memory, some users found themselves saving some posts as favorites that they might simply want to share. At the moment, it is not clear whether the problem is attributable to the indecision of the social network, or to an automated system that takes care of the sequence of the aforementioned buttons.

On the subject of good news, however, the blue canary has extended to all companies, albeit only to those of the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia, the “Location Spotlight”, a module (made available as options for professional accounts or that convert into such) which allows you to fix useful information on a company’s account such as opening hours, contact times, and that of the geographical position.

Still on the subject of official news, the microblog released a research, conducted at the end of 2021 on over 200,000 prompt alerts, to evaluate the effect of its warnings of potentially offensive responses to tweets (a feature introduced in 2020 and relaunched in 2021). Apparently, the pre-publication warning system has had positive effects in the long and short term, as “people who are exposed to a prompt are less likely to compose future offensive responses”.


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