Twitter in the storm: Musk wants to pay less and some executives have started to offend him

Recently, the private statements of some Twitter executives have emerged, not in favor of the acquisition of the social by Elon Musk who, on the other hand, begins to consider – unilaterally – the possibility of paying the platform less than the agreed.
Twitter in the storm: Musk wants to pay less and some executives have started to offend him

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Twitter, for some time among the wishes of Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and Space X, has recently found itself in the eye of the storm, due to the suspension for its transfer of ownership (which could happen to the downside), but also in reason for some embarrassing statements on the matter in question stolen from his employees.

According to reports from the online newspaper Bloomberg, Elon Musk, during a recent press conference (All-In Summit 2022) held in Miami, he declared that, given that it is impossible for the canary to know the exact number of bots that roam among the its users, it is not out of the question the hypothesis of paying for the purchase of Twitter less than the 44 billion dollars (54.20 per share) agreed upon, a figure for which the billionaire had committed himself in recent weeks, also starting the collection of the necessary funding, except for suspending the transaction pending clearer numbers regarding the fake accounts on the platform.

Also on the same occasion, Musk then motivated the possibility of lowering the purchase offer for Twitter with the fact that you cannot pay the same amount for something that has been proven (20% of fake accounts according to his estimate) worse than others have claimed (5% fake accounts according to Twitter itself).

A close turn came the declaration of the board of directors of the social network, which intends to “close the transaction and enforce the merger agreement” (to the agreed figures, ed). In the specific case of the agreement signed between the parties, if Musk decides not to complete the purchase of Twitter, he would have to pay a penalty of 1 billion dollars: the entrepreneur, however, could invoke the motivation “MAE” by citing d ‘ having discovered that the social network has “incorrectly reported some figures in its documents that have a material negative effect on the company”. In the event that it ends up in court, however, if the MAE argument is not implemented, Musk may be forced to complete the transaction under the terms of the signed agreement.

Also from Bloomberg, with the subsequent admission of the platform, which thanked those directly involved for their commitment and leadership, motivating the relative choice with the search for new opportunities, the news arrives that three other great Twitter executives will soon leave the Company: These are VP of Health, Conversation and Growth Products Management, Ilya Brown (in service for 6 years), VP of Service, Katrina Lane (hired for 1 year), and Head of Science of data, Max Schmeise (hired for 2 years).

Another grain, for Twitter, has come once again from the media, and precisely from an investigation conducted undercover by the editor of Project Veritas, Benny Johnson, who, in a first published video, managed to capture the statements of a likely Twitter senior engineer Siru Murugesan, who revealed how people in the company he works for are opposed to Musk’s takeover because the platform’s culture would be very leftist. In another video, a Twitter executive, Alex Martinez, Lead Client Partner of the social media, allegedly stated that Musk should not be taken seriously as a “mentally handicapped”, given that he would be – as confirmed by the interested party – suffering from the syndrome of Asperger.

At that round of statements, Musk has been shown from time to time in disbelief and indignation, while Twitter seems to have asked its employees to be cautious in their internal conversations, or when making statements in public and in private.


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