Twitter: long Notes articles under test, agreement with Shopify is underway

Meanwhile, the story of the handover to Elon Musk seems to be at a decisive point, Twitter, fresh from a don Shopify agreement in a social commerce perspective, has announced the start of the Notes test, to publish long articles that exceed 280 characters.
Twitter: long Notes articles under test, agreement with Shopify is underway

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In the past few hours, Twitter has attracted the attention of the media both due to an affair concerning its corporate future and by virtue of a novelty regarding the launch of a test to write long posts.

Little by little the obstacles that have been holding back the passage of Twitter in the hands of Elon Musk are disappearing. During an interview with Bloomberg Tuesday, the tycoon had talked about the issue of fake accounts, which could unlock with the arrival of the data relating to real users promised by the platform, of the fact that he wanted to rethink the way to collect (by giving billions as collateral). of Tesla stock, its main source of wealth) the $ 33.5 billion in cash part of the amount to be paid, and the fact that it would have had to get a favorable vote from the shareholders.

In the latter situation, according to a document sent to the SEC supervisory body, the board of directors of the social company expressed its unanimous opinion in favor of the sale of the platform to Elon Musk, and recommended a vote in favor of the operation by the shareholders. , having considered the conditions of the agreement to be covenient, fair and in their best interest since, against the current value of about $ 38 per share, for a capitalization that has fallen below $ 30 billion, Musk has offered to buy the social network for $ 44 billion, or $ 54.20 per share.

Moving on to more concrete things, Twitter, through the Twitter Write staff account (which collects the experiences of long posts, including those of the Newsletters, in favor of bloggers, comedians, journalists, poets, managers of social media communities, scriptwriters, etc), has announced the start of a test, for now limited to some users in the USA, UK, Canada and Ghana, concerning the Notes function, discovered in recent months by leaker Wong with the name of Articles, also including a modality focus (which allowed you to focus on the content by showing it full screen and hiding the side sections of the social network), a mechanism for saving articles and an interface for accessing published content and drafts.

Specifically, the new Notes function, which in the event of positive feedback could be extended to everyone by the end of the summer, allows you to overcome the constraint of 280 characters, sharing posts with a long extension, accompanied by multimedia elements (photos, GIFs , video) and links to tweets (embeds), with formattable text (italics, strikethrough, bold, styles, ordered lists), without the need to use third-party solutions that break up a post into a tweetstorm of multiple interventions, or that published it as an image.

The Twitter Note, published, will appear as a tweet, with title, image and caption and, when clicked, will reveal the above extended content; in addition, it can be “tweeted, retweeted, sent in DM, appreciated and added to favorites“. To create a Twitter Note, simply go to the Write tab where all the written Notes will also be accessible, with the Notes section in the profile which, on the other hand, will allow followers and visitors to find all the long-range shared contents in a practical way. by that given author.

Finally, on the strength of the fact that “in 2021 there were 6.5 billion tweets mentioning companies globally”, Twitter announced a collaboration with Shopify that will allow merchants, for now in the US, to connect the Shopping Manager of Twitter with their control panel on Shopify, so as not to have to manually enter product info, being able to have their Shopify products in the foreground at the center of their Twitter profile, through the Twitter tools (extended to all merchants in the USA) Shops and Shop Spotlight.


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