Twitter: Musk under investigation by the SEC. Community rumors

Meanwhile, the telenovela dedicated to Elon Musk’s failure to acquire it is enriched with a new chapter, Twitter is devoting a considerable part of its energy to improving its Communities.
Twitter: Musk under investigation by the SEC.  Community rumors

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Twitter, the well-known social network of the blue canary, now engaged in a lawsuit against the billionaire Elon Musk no longer interested in acquiring control, could receive unexpected help in this from an investigation launched by the SEC. Meanwhile, the development of a series of improvements to its Communities is proceeding.

As is known, at the beginning of July Elon Musk announced his unilateral intention to exit the agreement to buy Twitter on the basis of 44 billion dollars: the reason is that, in making his decision to make the agreement, the CEO of Tesla was based on the statements, later judged to be false, provided to the SEC by Twitter on the percentage of fake accounts which, in reality, would be 4 times higher than what was declared, ie equal to about 20%.

The SEC, or the American Consob, according to a letter dated 7 June but leaked only a few days ago, would be willing to clarify the matter, to ascertain whether since May Musk concealed the intention to exit the agreement drawn up a month first, since in this case he would have violated the same by not giving any formal communication of his intentions “.

Specifically, the document refers to a tweet on May 17 in which Musk, complaining that the Twitter CEO refused to provide exact data on the fake accounts, explains that the agreement cannot go forward (“cannot move forward” ) until this is done. Obviously, there was no lack of official response from the legal team following Musk, whose lawyer Mike Ringler explained that it is very difficult to use the offending tweet to infer his intention to withdraw from the acquisition since his client at the time was still intending to obtain more complete data to complete the agreement.

Finally, the rumors about the functions. From the investigative activity of the leaker Alessandro Paluzzi a great commitment has been deduced in improving the Communities: specifically, the platform would be working on a new interface for the tweets of the Communities, to show more details on the same in the Community list and to show the most used hashtags within a Community.

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