Twitter: Musk unleashed with proposals and provocations. Rumors at full throttle

Thanks to the new majority shareholder Elon Musk, the Twitter weekend was revived not only and not so much for the usual rumors concerning him but for various proposals of the entrepreneur, regarding in many cases the subscription to Blue.
Twitter: Musk unleashed with proposals and provocations.  Rumors at full throttle

Weekend full of news for the social network of the blue canary which, in the past few hours, has literally seen the new majority shareholder Elon Musk unleashed, with a series of proposals, polls and provocations: all while also the usual rumors have offered food for thought.

Before appearing 9.2% of Twitter for nearly $ 3 billion, Tesla entrepreneur Elon Musk provoked the platform on the theme of freedom of expression but, once he joined the board of the blue canary, he focused on more practical aspects, such as the tweet edit button, indeed already in preparation for a few months, although its debut will be limited to users of Blue, the Twitter subscription which, to date in Canada, New Zealand, USA and Australia, for $ 2.99 a month, it gives you various additional options, including being able to cancel your published tweet within 20 seconds of sending it.

Over the course of the weekend, Elon Musk spoke to the sound of polls on other issues as well. First, the eccentric entrepreneur argued that anyone who pays $ 3 a month for Blue should have a particular authentication checkmark which, as we understand it, should work differently than the one used for official accounts or public figures. Such a subscription should also ensure the exemption of advertising, to limit the power of companies to dictate their policies. In summary, Musk predicts that the subscription could cost about 2 dollars a month, paid in advance for the entire 12 months of the year, possibly also in the #Dogecoin cryptocurrency used in Tesla shops, with a non-concession of the checkmark for 60 days. and suspension without refund of membership if used for spam or scam.

In his flurry of tweets, Musk, however, did not miss his dose of provocations, wondering if Twitter was dying since the most popular accounts are not very active, arguing that the number of active users is distorted by the presence of the bots of ” crypto scam ”, declaring that the San Francisco headquarters could easily be converted into a refuge for the homeless, since no one shows up there, proposing to remove the W from Twitter, to transform it into the English equivalent of giggle: Titter.

They move on to the rumors, from Twitter Communities (official account) came the anticipation that a system is being prepared to allow you to control all (your own) Communities: from the leaker Paluzzi, however, it is possible to learn that Twitter, still committed to finalizing some choices related to the function of status, is working on a label that shows an author’s appreciation of a response. In the search results in direct messages, a system of previews for attachments could appear: arriving practically safe, however, are the seasonal icons for some events or anniversaries, such as Mother’s Day, Eurovision (Song Contest ), the Kentucky Derby, and Star Wars Day (#MayTheFourth).


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