Twitter: official Spaces reserved for Super Follower subscribers

With an announcement in the style of “bolt from the blue”, the social network Twitter has announced that it has introduced a new type of Spaces, in this case reserved for subscribers to the “Super Follows” exclusive content plan.
Twitter: official Spaces reserved for Super Follower subscribers

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Twitter, while caught in the media grip of the Elon Musk case, with new and recent developments in this regard, also lives a normal social life, made up of the launch, from time to time, of news, for users and creators. In the past few hours, the blue canary platform, through one of its official accounts, has announced the launch of one of the biggest news of recent times.

As is known, since the success of Clubhouse, Twitter has activated Spaces, live audio chat rooms that have gradually become more and more sophisticated: on the other hand, the creators present on the social network, until recently, could have, as monetization tools, only two options: with Super Follows they could request users for a subscription by paying which subscribers would have access to exclusive content, while with Ticketed Spaces creators could charge, from 1.99 to 999 dollars, the ticket to access a private Space.

Now, by mixing Spaces with Super Follows, those who create content on the San Francisco microblog will also have a third option at their disposal, represented by the Twitter Super Follows Spaces.

The latter, unlike the Ticketed Spaces which can be used by everyone, simply by buying the entrance ticket, are reserved for Super Followers, i.e. those who already pay for a Super Follows subscription, now made more attractive than previously, when you were only entitled to some exclusive content. According to what is specified by TechCrunch, the novelty in question has been made available to all creators with the option for Super Follows active: to use it, when starting a new Space, simply press the new button “Only super followers can participate “.

On the user level, things are a bit more complex: mobile subscribers can ask to participate, listen, and speak in the Spaces reserved for Super Followers, while web subscribers can participate, listen, but not ask to speak. Those who are not subscribers will still be able to “see” the Spaces reserved for Super Follows, but they will have to subscribe to be able to access and participate.


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