Twitter: small restyling for Blue on Android, phishing attack in progress

The well-known social network Twitter has formalized a small interface customization option in favor of subscribers to the Blue premium plan. At the same time, the first details emerged on a phishing campaign against the platform.
Twitter: small restyling for Blue on Android, phishing attack in progress

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After the news of the possible use of Bitmoji as profile images, the social network Twitter, currently targeted by a dangerous phishing campaign, has announced the launch of a small but important improvement for Blue subscribers.

Last fall, the social network directed by Parag Agrawal and coveted by Elon Musk launched in some countries, namely in New Zealand, USA, Australia and Canada, on the web and mobile side (Android / iOS), the Blue subscription, which offered, for 2.99 dollars in the US or for 4.99 New Zealand dollars in the archipelago of the same name, various benefits, including seeing the most shared articles in the last 24 hours from your network, and reading without ads and quickly the articles of newspapers based in the USA, such as USA TODAY, The Hollywood Reporter, The Washington Post, Rolling Stone, LA Times, BuzzFeed, The Atlantic, Insider.

In the past few hours, to users who have subscribed from Android, Twitter has granted an opportunity already given to subscribers from iOS, that is to be able to customize the navigation bar at the bottom, deciding to leave the 5 default tabs now present, or to remove some leaving them at least 2. Among the removable cards, it is also possible to deduct that of Spaces, added last year on iOS and in May 2022 on Android.

However, the Blue subscription (ditto for common users, free) will not allow you to completely remove an imminent “improvement” for the horizontal bar which, placed at the top of your TimeLine, shows the active Spaces, intended to receive additional info , such as the host name, who shares a tweet in the Audio Space, and related pertinent / relevant topics.

Finally, the news of a phishing campaign conducted against twitters to the sound of false emails that mimic those of the support team of the platform arrives from the editorial staff of BleepingComputer: in the digital messages in question, the suspension of the account for violation of hate speech policies, hate speech, unless the account authentication procedure is completed by clicking on a specific link. By clicking on the link, you are taken to a page similar to the real one of the social network, which in the login phase, to make the procedure believe as official, only accepts real emails and passwords and which, through the Twitter API, shows the real image of the profile when the owner enters his username.

As you can imagine, with the data entered, even if a page confirms the successful completion of the requested routine, what actually happened is that the data will have been sent into the hands of the hackers who, in this way, will be able to exploit our account to conduct scams.

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