Thanks to a collaboration with Snapchat, in a future update of the platform, there could be the possibility of using the Bitmoji of the white ghost as profile images on the Twitter social network.
Twitter: the use of Bitmojis as profile images is under development

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After the simplification conferred on the activation of subtitles on videos, and the news in share Spaces, the social network Twitter has launched an interesting when little publicized internal test, therefore not obvious to the public, regarding integration with Snapchat.

To date, it is not uncommon for users to use cartoon images, of real beings (monkeys) or not (goblins), to represent themselves in the profile picture on Twitter: taking this Twitter into account, as discovered from the leaker Alessandro Paluzzi, he started working on the possibility of connecting Twitter and Snapchat, to use the latter’s Bitmoji as profile images. In particular, the screenshots shared on the network show that, in the process of loading the image to be used on the profile as a representation of oneself, a new button could appear.

This button, baptized as “Add Bitmoji” (lit. “Add Bitmoji), would allow you to connect your Twitter account to that of Snapchat (if you have one), the photo-sharing that a few years ago (in 2016) bought the Canadian Bitstrips, a company active since 2007 that had created the famous Bitmoji avatars, perfected over time by Snap Inc, also with the possibility of personalizing their appearance with branded outfits (e.g. through collaborations with Converse, Nike , Jordan, Levi’s, Ralph Lauren).

At the moment, it is not known how the integration will work, which should allow to import the Bitmoji created on Snapchat to the social Twitter, to use one as a profile image, but it is significant that two realities, substantially competing in the social segment, have started a collaboration of the kind that also suggests how Snapchat, without its own system to create avatars, at this point you do not think of producing it at home, using an external solution.

When asked about the nature of this discovery, Twitter provided an official ruling on the matter, explaining that they explore “always new ways in which people can express themselves on the platform”, but without discovering themselves too much with additional details, in fact not provided (” We have no further details to share at this time “).


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