Twitter: travel and video game trends, stop prisoner of war photos, article development and embeds

There are so many innovations with which Twitter faces the weekend, putting order in the policy regarding the conflict in Ukraine, changing the functioning of the embeds, developing the Articles, and providing many ideas on video games and travel.
Twitter: travel and video game trends, stop prisoner of war photos, article development and embeds

It is a weekly queue start loaded with news for the social network Twitter, which has released several infographics relating to what is trending the most in its platform in terms of travel and gaming, without forgetting a further stance on the war in Ukraine. a hint of development for the function of the Articles and a change already in place for the incorporations of the chirps.

In the past few hours, the Brand Bracket 2022 competition organized by Twitter marketing has concluded, which saw the handles of popular brands present on the blue canary platform compared: the victory went to @Skittles, brand of fruit confetti produced by Mars, with the motivation that its social team is always aware of what is happening online, in short, of trends, ready to make them their own with a personal interpretation, thus demonstrating to better understand (than others) how to bring an advantage to their brand by increasing the appeal of their tweets without being spontaneous or irritating.

Another Twitter initiative concerns what may or may not be published, with particular reference to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Specifically, the Californian platform, having noted that Ukraine has often shared images and videos of captured or killed Russian soldiers, and interrogation clips, will ask Kiev to remove such content, which is prohibited by the Geneva Convention. Tweets with prisoners of war portrayed in video or photos will not be allowed in the event that the intent is to carry out some actions prohibited by the rules, such as asking for revenge or insulting. The case is different for contents considered to be of public interest, for which the image will be hidden, marked by a warning, but still viewable upon direct action by those interested.

The update of the Twitter policy also provides that the platform will not recommend or suggest, in the Timeline, in the Search and in the Explore, the accounts of the governments of those countries that are engaged in armed conflicts or that restrict freedom of expression.

With the coronavirus restrictions introduced in the last two years, more and more people have been looking for new forms of sociability and one of these has moved on to gaming, as confirmed by the growth in discussions on the world of video games. In particular, according to Twitter’s Head of Creator & Gaming Content Partnerships, Rishi Chadha, in the first quarter of 2022 there were 800 million tweets about gaming posted by 48 million unique users, an increase of 52% compared to the same. time of the year before and a good chance of exceeding 2.4 billion gaming tweets for the entire 2021. In the infographics disseminated on the subject, it transpires that among the most discussed games there are, in order, Genshin Impact, Wordle, Ensemble Stars, and Apex Legends while, among the sector events that have struck the most, great attention has been aroused by famous acquisitions (Bungie by Sony, Activision Blizzard by Microsoft), as well as by the launch of some games (Elden Rings, the new season of Fortnite).

Another set of information spread by Twitter involved travel and vacations as the coronavirus pandemic eased its grip. Specifically, compared to 2020, in 2021 there was a 27% increase in tweets on trips containing the keywords “recommendations”, with – in terms of sub-topics – 26% occupied by the type of trip (eg. business, by plane or ship), 20% focused on the type of experience (adventure, backpacking, with further branches regarding exploration, concerts, festivals and events), 43% talking about destinations (countries, city), and 11% who focused on accommodations (Airbnb, hotels).

Meanwhile, the news of a concrete change for the platform arrives from SocialMediaToday, which involves those who had used the social media’s tweet embedding system on their website: in particular, previously, when the reported tweet was deleted, the latter it remained readable, to provide context, but without its formatting. Now, however, to respect the author’s choice to delete the tweet, as explained by the Twitter product manager, Eleanor Harding, the blockquote appears white, with some gray highlights to symbolize the lines that are no longer legible. This is pending implementation “very soon” of a communication system that “explains why the content is no longer available”.

Finally, from leaker Nima Owji comes the discovery that the Twitter Articles function takes shape, with the social network that will allow you to copy the link for more extensive sharing, or to publish them as a tweet in your feed, in the Communities or in the future function of Circle (closest friends).


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