Twitter: under the sword of Damocles by Musk, new policies against disinformation

Touched only by Musk’s statements on smart working, Twitter has taken the initiative again by communicating the new rules against disinformation and all the penalties provided for those who transgress.
Twitter: under the sword of Damocles by Musk, new policies against disinformation

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As always involved, in one way or another, by the exits of the aspiring buyer Elon Musk, the Twitter social platform does not fail to think about ordinary administration, and specifically the many posts that are shared in times of crisis, with the purpose of avoiding the viralization of disinformation.

The first Twitter news of this weekly queue starts, once again, from Elon Musk. In the past few hours Apple. due to the resurgence of infections from Covid-19, he confirmed the remote work for some time, postponing the transition plan to the hybrid one which in any case provided for three days physically in the office. Musk commented on the whole with an illustration, on Twitter, hinting that, according to him, those who work from home distract with too many things, produce little, and neglect their appearance. Obviously, this will not have failed to worry the employees of the social network that wants to buy, Twitter, given that the latter has recognized them (at least to those who express this desire) the possibility of working from home forever.

Moving on to concrete things, considering that every day other users, in addition to Musk, share their tweets on the platform of the blue canary, the social network headquartered in San Francisco has issued the launch of its new policies to curb disinformation during international crises. It starts from the conflict in Ukraine, making use of what has been learned from the cases of the crises that occurred in Afghanistan, India and Ethiopia, and then includes in the future other types of crises that undermine “life, physical safety, health or subsistence Basic”.

Specifically, greater visibility will be given to posts that are based on publicly available, authoritative, multiple and credible sources: this is the case of content shared by journalists, humanitarian organizations, conflict monitoring groups, and open source investigators. Otherwise, posts that present false breaking news on events that never happened, those misleading about mass atrocities and war crimes against specific populations, those presenting fake news relating to the international response, false accusations regarding the incursions will be considered false or biased. on national sovereignty and the use of force, and those who misrepresent conditions on the ground during the unfolding of a conflict.

In these cases, much like with sensitive content subject to labels, the posts will not be deleted – as part of a process of preserving the voice and recordings of critical global events, but will be hidden behind warnings, by clicking on the which can still be consulted. Hooked on alerts, there will be other consequences.

Contents subject to disinformation warnings will not be amplified and highly recommended in the timeline, in Search and Explore, to minimize user engagement and, for the same purpose, it will not be possible to comment, lik, and reshare them. If you receive two alerts in 30 days, you will incur 12 hours of account suspension, which will increase to 7 days in the case of three or more alerts. Finally, it should be noted that the new policies will not concern fact-checking posts, satire, personal opinions or personal anecdotes.

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