Uber Tasks how the service works for household jobs

Not just transport, but Uber expands the offering of services to users and allows people to find new earning opportunities thanks to Uber Task. This is an innovative service that will soon be tested in very few cities around the world and which, in the not too distant future, could also arrive in Europe.

Uber Task will have similarities with Uber, since private individuals will make themselves available to citizens as currently happens, but not only with regards to travel. The drivers they will earn with their skillsperforming household tasks that users are unable to do or that take up too much of their time.

There are other platforms on the web that guarantee the provision of this type of service, such as TaskRabbit, but Uber, thanks to the reputation gained over the years, could become a valid leading competitor in the sector.

Uber Tasks, how it works and the benefits for users

It’s called Uber Tasks and you will be able to find people who carry out household tasks that you are unable to do personally due to capacity and time constraints. To take advantage of this service will be all those registered in the applicationwho will be able to publish ads on the platform and be contacted by users willing to take care of the requested domestic activities.

The ads they will have to be extremely detailed, to avoid unpleasant surprises both for those who publish the request and for those who respond. They must indicate the task to be carried out, the expected execution times and the remuneration they intend to offer.

All ads they will be visible to the drivers and delivery people they use Uber. After having identified what they can do or what they consider convenient, they will be able to contact the user who published the offer and establish the salary and the day on which the work will be carried out.

Uber Tasks will offer benefits to every player in the game. The company, first of all, broadens its perspectives and enters new markets, with the possibility of growth and greater profit. Users will be able to use the service to find support, save time and delegate tasks they don’t like to others or, alternatively, find new job opportunities, even if occasional.

Uber Tasks, where it will be available

Before it can be available to all users registered with the service, There is a testing period, which has already been started, of variable duration. It is necessary to define the terms of service, refine the section of the application dedicated to Uber Tasks and evaluate feedback from drivers and those offering work.

The service is currently active exclusively in Fort Myers, United States of America, and Edmonton, Canada. Here, members can already take care of washing clothes, decorating homes, moving furniture, helping with removals, cleaning yards and doing other handyman tasks.

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