Ubuntu 24.04 LTS will be powered by the Linux 6.8 kernel

Ubuntu 24.04 LTS will be powered by the Linux 6.8 kernel

Canonical announced over the weekend its plans for the default kernel used in the next release of Ubuntu 24.04 LTS (Noble Numbat). This should be released with the next kernel series Linux 6.8. Although we are still three months away from the release of Ubuntu 24.04 LTS, scheduled for April 25, 2024, we already have a general picture of the new features that will be implemented in Canonical’s tenth version of Ubuntu LTS (long-term support). The biggest change will be the upcoming GNOME 46 series of desktop environments. This will bring numerous new features and improvements, such as an improved file manager Nautilus (Files), built-in support for WebP imagesan app Settings more streamlined, configuration support headless per dream with the graphics driver NVIDIAheadless remote access via GDM (GNOME Display Manager) and much more.

Ubuntu 24.04 LTS: you can already try the version currently being tested

The confirmation of the introduction of the Linux 6.8 kernel on Ubuntu 24.04 LTS comes fromUbuntu Kernel Team by Canonical. That kernel is currently in development, with a second Release Candidate available for public testing starting January 28, 2024. To ensure there are no hardware issues when Ubuntu 24.04 LTS launches in late April, Canonical has provided experimental builds of the latest Linux kernel 6.8 Release Candidates for early adopters of Ubuntu 24.04 LTS who want to try it (accessible ppa:canonical-kernel-team/unstable). However, there are currently no Linux 6.8 builds available for Ubuntu 24.04 LTS.

Ubuntu Kernel Team has announced that it will also add some Ubuntu-specific changes. Among these are a new set of patches Apparmor/Stacking LSMthe application of control ABI retpolinethe replacement of Free FAN con OVN/OpenVSwitch/MicroOVN turn-based solutions, deprecation of turns, and using the latest GCC with frame pointers enabled. The arrival of kernel 6.8 is great news for all those who want to install or upgrade their previous Ubuntu LTS systems to the Noble Numbat series. Even though the Linux kernel 6.8 is not one serie LTS, ensures support for the latest hardware and offers access to the latest features. As mentioned, the distribution is in the testing phase. To be able to install the stable version of Ubuntu 24.04 LTS we will have to wait for the next few months.

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