Unable to leave comments on Facebook: how to fix

Facebook comments blocked

Among the most frustrating situations that we can encounter on Facebook it certainly stands out the inability to leave a comment under a post, an image or a video posted on the blue social network. Even if we have correctly typed the message and pressed Enter, Facebook has refused to publish it or we simply see it disappear into thin air, without a trace.

In the following guide we will try to understand together what are the reasons why it is Impossible to leave comments on Facebook e what can we do to solve the problemso that we can resume writing under the posts of friends or people we follow on Facebook.

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1) Reasons why it is impossible to leave comments on Facebook

There can be a variety of reasons why Facebook prevents us from leaving a comment under a specific post; often the problem is really trivial and can be solved immediately, in other cases we will have to investigate thoroughly and find out what is wrong with our profile, with our app or site.

The main reasons why it is impossible to leave comments on Facebook are:

  • temporary internet connection problems
  • Facebook app is unresponsive or frozen
  • unable to load or reload facebook web page
  • Facebook soft bans (also called Facebook Jail)
  • restrictive privacy settings
  • use of a personalized friends list
  • attempt to comment on a post by a person who is not our friend

For most of the problems described there is a practical solution, as we will see in the next chapter of the guide.

2) How to solve the problem of comments on Facebook

Luckily most of the time the comment problem is only temporary and resolves within seconds or minutes; however, if the problem concerns the soft ban it could be more difficult to resume commenting on friends’ posts.

Let’s see together what we can do to solve the problem of blocked or disappeared comments on Facebook.

Refresh the Facebook web page

If we are using the Facebook website we try to press F5 on the keyboard or to use the page reload button (present at the top left of all browsers).

If the problem persists we can also try an alternative browser like Firefox, Opera o Vivaldi.

Log in to Facebook in incognito mode

If the problem seems limited to our web browser it may be a good idea open the Facebook site in incognito modeby logging in to our profile again. If the problem is resolved we will have to proceed with deleting the cache and cookies, as we will see later in the guide.

To learn more, we can read our guide on how to use incognito browsing (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari).

Clear cookies and site or app cache

An old trick always effective when Facebook throws a tantrum is expected to clear cookies and site cacheso you can undo any problems with old temporary files still on your device.

To clear cookies and cache from your web browser Google Chrome open the Facebook page, press the padlock at the top left (next to the address bar), press the Cookie menu and finally click on Remove until each cookie is deleted. Now it will be enough to open and close the Facebook page, log in (if necessary) with our account and check if we can comment on the posts.

To learn more we can read our article on how delete data and history in one click on Chrome and Firefox.

On mobile devices we can clear the cache and data of the Facebook app as seen in our guides on how clear app cache and data on android and how to erase data on iPhone and clean up memory.

Remove browser extensions

Web browser extensions can interfere with cookies and elements of the Facebook site, making it impossible to write new messages or reply with a comment. Since it can be very difficult to figure out which extension is causing the problem, we advise you to disable all extensions and try restarting them one at a time, so as to find out which one is messing with Facebook.

In this regard, we invite you to read our guides on how to open chrome or firefox without loading extensions and how create user profiles on Chrome, Firefox and Edge.

Update the Facebook app

If the problem occurred while using the Facebook app, we can check if there are any updates to it by opening the Google Play Store o l’Apple App Store and launching the search for updates; if the system detects a new update, press immediately on Update to have the latest version of Facebook installed.

To learn more, we can read our guide on how to update android apps regularly and manually.

Reinstall the Facebook app

On mobile devices it can be a good idea completely uninstall the facebook app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, so as to remove all temporary data in one go and start over.

After uninstalling the app we also advise you to restart the phone and only then proceed with the reinstallation of the Facebook app.

Turn off VPN connections

If we have installed aapp for vpn connections it is better to deactivate it and try again to post messages on Facebook from the app or from the site. VPNs are not very popular with the social network and they are often the main cause of soft bans or access blocks by Facebook (which does not recognize us as the legitimate users of the account).

In this regard we can read our guide on how to check if the VPN works and protects privacy.

Contact Facebook support

If none of the previous methods worked probably our account has been soft bannedalso called Facebook Jail. Without realizing it, the social network has limited our interaction activities, preventing us from commenting on posts (often because we have written too much, received spam or annoying person alerts or are blocked by many users).

In this case there isn’t much we can do, given that the times to “exit” the soft ban depend exclusively on Facebook. We can try to speed things up contact Facebook support explaining our problem well and kindly asking for a quick solution.

To learn more, we can read our guide on how to contact Facebook.


Excluding the soft ban (which is difficult to predict) most of the problems listed in the guide can be solved in a few simple steps, making it possible to leave comments on Facebook again to all our friends and (in a limited way) even to people we don’t know.

Let us remember that it is not always possible to reply to comments if the owner of the post has only allowed friends to reply, as also seen in our guide on personalized privacy in Facebook to select who can read the profile and published posts.


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