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Uninstall these Android apps, they hide adware

In the ever-expanding world of mobile applications, security and privacy remain a constant concern. And with the sophistication of threats, it’s no surprise that malicious apps often slip in on popular platforms such as the Google Play Store to attract as many users as possible.

Recently Doctor Weba company specializing in cybersecurity, discovered a handful of Android apps which have passed the defenses of the official Big G repository and may have gone unnoticed by many users. These seemingly harmless apps have now been reported as adware and, if the user has unintentionally downloaded some, it’s time to press the uninstall button.

Trojan apps found on Google Play

The latest signed monthly report Doctor Web on viruses that attack mobile devices has brought to light a significant threat: several Android apps, which overall they have accumulated more than 2 million installs they pretend to be gaming or productivity tools, but their actual purpose is far from innocent. In fact, it’s about Trojan apps that display commercial adverts and secretly sign people up for premium services by distributing mainly three known malware families: FakeApp, Joker e HiddenAds.

Originally identified by Bleeping Computerle app incriminate they were promptly removed from the Google Play Store, but if the user has already downloaded some on their devices, it is best to make sure to uninstall them immediately. The main culprit is called “Super Skibydi Killer” and with over 1 million installs, draws users into an addictive game where they take on the role of a “super killer” and engage in a series of shooting games to defeat their opponent.

Once these malicious apps manage to infiltrate the user’s device, they use deceptive tactics to evade detection. They employ transparent icons on the home screen or cleverly imitate the look of the Google Chrome browser. When users naively tap these icons, the Trojans launch the browser without problems and then continue to run stealthily in the background, launching advertising messages on the screen. This unscrupulous scheme also includes apps such as “Agent Shooter”, “Rainbow Stretch” and “Rubber Punch 3D”.

Other threats for Android

In addition to these, the investigation found Google Play two rogue apps affiliated with the infamous “Joker” family that secretly sign up users for paid services without their consent. “Love Emoji Messenger” managed to fool around 50,000 users, while “Beauty Wallpaper HD” landed on around 1,000 devices.

The analysis also revealed various counterfeit apps distributed as financial software, ostensibly for stock trading and home accounting, but which actually lead users to fraudulent websites that manipulate victims into becoming unwitting investors. These include “GazEndow Economic”, “MoneyMentor”, “FinancialFusion” and “Financial Vault”.

Other games on the Google Play Store present themselves as innocent sources of entertainment but once installed, their true purpose becomes clear: redirect users to online casino websites. Tra queste app ci sono titoli come “Eternal Maze”, “Jungle Jewels”, “Stellar Secrets”, “Fire Fruits”, “Cowboy’s Frontier” e “Enchanted Elixir”.

The most effective course of action

If you happen to find one of these dubious apps lurking on your device, there is only one course of action: quickly remove it from your phone or tablet. As an added layer of precaution, it is advisable to conduct a full scan of the mobile device.

This should result in theuse of Google Play Protectthe security feature integrated into the Big G store, along with one Reliable antivirus tool. This way, you can strengthen your device against potential threats and enjoy a safe and enjoyable mobile experience.

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