Unsubscribe from the internet and remove all registered accounts

How to disappear from the internet, delete website accounts and delete the personal data they have collected

Unsubscribe from the internet Online life is now moving faster than real life; in the frenzy of the Web we subscribe to a thousand services and create a thousand accounts, which maybe last the time of a coffee and die inexorably.
Who likes to try the news of the Internet, who is convinced by his friend to subscribe to the new innovative social network that will change history, to those who want to cancel all accounts registered on the internet, for those who want to clean up their name and email address, we have dedicated this article, in which we will show you how quickly get rid of subscribed accounts of unused online services or that we no longer wish to be associated with our person.
Unsubscribe from the Internet and remove your unused accounts it’s a good thing to do both to keep your email address from spam and for maintain a good reputation online.

Unsubscribe from the Internet and remove accounts

Below we have collected all the steps to be performed to unsubscribe from the main social networks, to delete the main email addresses and how to get the right to be forgotten on Google. If we want to cancel other services to which we are subscribed, we will show you the specialized websites in a dedicated chapter.

Cancel social and chat accounts

To unsubscribe from Facebook just access your social page, click on the arrowhead at the top right, go to Settings, press on Your information on Facebook, to select Deactivation and elimination and finally press on Delete account. A page will open where you can click on Keep on; enter the account password, click on Keep on and finally we press on Delete account. The account will be suspended for 30 days, after which it will be permanently canceled.
If we used the Facebook account on Instagram, we will also be deleted there.

To unsubscribe from Twitter we open the page of our profiles, we press on Settings and privacy from the drop-down menu under the icon of our profile, let’s go to the tab Account and click on Deactivate your account. Now let’s read the information on deactivating the account, then confirm the operation by pressing on Turn off @username.
We insert the password when requested and confirm we want to proceed by clicking on the button Deactivate account.

If we have used an account other than Facebook on Instagram, we can unsubscribe from this social network by connecting to the Instagram page to remove the accounts, logging in with our account and providing a reason under the section Why are you deleting your account. After filling in the required fields, type the account password again in the field that appears and press on Permanently delete my account.

To unsubscribe from WhatsApp we open the app on our smartphone, let’s go in the path Settings> Accounts> Delete account, enter the phone number in the full international format, then press up Delete account. We select in the drop-down menu the reason why we want to proceed and press again on Delete account.

To unsubscribe from Telegram simply open the account cancellation page from a PC, provide the phone number associated with our account, click on Next, wait for the confirmation code via message on Telegram, insert the code provided in the message on the Web page and confirm the deletion.

Delete account email addresses

To unsubscribe from Gmail just go to the Account Preferences page, press on Delete products, confirm access with our account, select the button Delete next to Gmail, follow the instructions provided and finally press on Remove Gmail. We will not lose the entire Google Account, which we can then use for apps on Android or to access YouTube.

To unsubscribe from Outlook we will have to open the Close your account page, log in with our account, check that the correct Microsoft account is displayed on the page and then click on Come on. We read the list and select the checkboxes to confirm that we have read everything; in the drop-down list select a reason choose the reason why we want to close the account and finally press on Mark the account to close. In this case, the entire Microsoft account is closed, so we will also lose access and files stored on OneDrive, the Skype ID and access to other Microsoft services.

To unsubscribe from Yahoo Mail we open the account cancellation page, log in with the account to be canceled, read the information on the cancellation of your account and press the button Delete account to confirm the operation.

To learn more, we can also read our guide on how delete an account and delete the profile from Google, Yahoo Twitter etc..

Right to be forgotten on Google

Do we not want our name and surname to be traceable with a Google search? In this case we will have to fill out the Google right to be forgotten form, available here -> Right to be forgotten form.
We fill in all the fields present, we load a valid identity document, we also report all the sites or links where personal information is present and we give below on Submit.
Google will analyze the request and, after a few months, will delete the search results related to our person.

Services to cancel accounts

Deleting an account from a social network or from an email service, an online game or a chat sometimes it is complicated therefore, if you had difficulty in unsubscribing from little known sites, it is better to rely on sites specialized in the elimination of accounts registered online.

Killer account
Killer account it is a great website that guide to canceling a registered account on all the major online communities in the world.
Killer account

Account Killer can be used for free and allows you to delete accounts (whose username and password can be confirmed) on popular services such as Facebook, Skype, iTunes, Google and many others we have never even heard of.
Account Killer provides the direct link to the removal page of an account on which then the username and password will be entered to access and confirm the cancellation. Each service also has a color indicating the level of difficulty in canceling an account with that service.
Black means that it is impossible to unsubscribe (e.g. Skype and Habbo) gray means it’s slightly easier and white means it’s very easy.

Just Delete Me
Just Delete Me is the website that allows you to cancel accounts and remove our online presence.
Just Delete Me

Since deleting Internet accounts sometimes leaves traces that seem indelible (sometimes they are), Just Delete Me helps automate the removal process or to show how to do it.
Just Delete Me supports deletion from many online services including hard ones Spotify, Skype, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Steam, WordPress, Amazon and Ask.fm as well as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Paypal, Microsoft and many others.

DeleteMe is a quick and easy service to automatically remove our data from various website databases around the world, including data brokers. DeleteMe also has a DIY guide that you can follow to do it all yourself.

SimpleOptOut is another website that can assist in the process of removing data from the Internet. This website contains links to disable over 60 online services, to delete and cancel data collection from sites such as Adobe, Disqus, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Netflix, PayPal, Reddit, Twitter, Yelp, YouTube and many others.


If we need to find out about which accounts we have registered on the internet in the past of which perhaps we do not remember anything, we can carry out a search on us using the sites visible in our guides How to find information and investigate a person on the Internet and how Find a person on the internet.
If instead we wanted to disconnect from Facebook only temporarily, we can read our guide on how Deactivate Facebook to temporarily disappear.


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