Starting from today it is possible to install the final version of the May 2020 update for Windows 10 or May Update, version 2004 (which is not for 2004, but for 2020 and April).
Everyone who wants to install the latest version must, first of all, open the Settings Windows 10 from the Start menu, go to Update and Security, and then on Windows Update press on Check for updates. At this point, make sure all updates have been downloaded.
Among the updates, the new 2004 version should also appear; once the update is displayed, you can press the button Download and install now to proceed with the download. After the download of the new version of Windows 10 is finished, when the update becomes ready for installation, a notification will be sent to the desktop so you can choose when to finish the installation that will require you to restart your computer. The May 10 Windows 10 update can be downloaded and installed on Windows 10 PCs with version 1903 (update May 2019) or 1909 (Update November 2019).If the Windows 2004 functionality update still does not appear after installing all available updates from Windows Update, there is probably a reason. In fact, Microsoft scans the hardware of your computer or tablet and does not make the update available if it detects a possible problem.
Be that as it may, if you don’t want to wait for the update to appear in Windows Update, you can download the May 2019 update directly from Microsoft site by¬†pressing the button Update now. After downloading the file Windows10Upgrade9252.exe, run it, and proceed with the installation wizard.
Alternatively, you can press the button Download the tool now to download the MediaCreationTool (in this case it is the file MediaCreationTool2004.exe), which is used both to update the PC with the latest version of Windows 10, and to make a clean installation of Windows 10, or to create the Windows 10 ISO file to be copied to a USB stick or to be burned on a DVD.

If you prefer, you can delay the update of Windows 10.
If you experience problems after the upgrade, you can always go back to the previous version of Windows 10.
If the update cannot be installed because some incompatibility is detected which is not specified, it means that Windows 10 is not ready for our PC and we just have to wait for Microsoft to correct the problem.
Before proceeding with the update it would be better to disconnect each USB stick and remove any SD card from the computer.

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