UPDF – The best AI PDF editor: 5 reasons to try it

UPDF - The best AI PDF editor: 5 reasons to try it

PDFs are an indispensable tool in today’s era for managing digital content. They’re a safe way to share and collaborate on any platform. But when it comes to reading and editing PDF files, you can’t do without an efficient PDF editor.

Among the various online PDF editors, you will find UPDF has an edge with its solutions based on artificial intelligence. Not sure whether to try UPDF? Here are the 5 valid reasons why UPDF is the ideal solution for efficient and hassle-free PDF management.

5 Reasons Why UPDF is the Best PDF Editor to Try

UPDF is an AI-powered PDF manager that allows you to edit all elements of your PDF documents. It’s super easy to use with a modern, minimalist user interface for effortless navigation. Here are 5 reasons why you should switch to UPDF today.

Reason 1. Powerful AI assistant for productive workflow


We live in a world of innovative AI solutions. From AI lawyers to personal assistants, you’ll find an AI agent for all your daunting tasks. UPDF is ready to meet the challenges of this era of artificial intelligence with its powerful AI assistant, UPDF AI.

UPDF AI can help you boost your PDF workflow with its versatile features. Let’s find out what they are.

  • Summarize efficiently: UPDF AI generates accurate summaries of hundreds of pages in seconds. So if you need to review long documents at short notice, UPDF AI has your back.
  • Quickly translate: say goodbye to language barriers with UPDF AI. It allows you to translate over 38 languages ​​with remarkable accuracy. Be it Korean, French or Arabic, UPDF handles it all.
  • Explain in depth: Whether you are a student or a professional, UPDF AI provides in-depth explanations of any selected text in your documents.
  • Ask about documents: UPDF AI allows you to upload your documents to its cloud. Then you can ask related questions and quickly extract the main idea of ​​the document.
  • Chat with AI: UPDF AI allows you to explore any topic beyond the boundaries of your document. You can talk about any topic that piques your curiosity.

Impressive, right? The possibilities for efficient document management are endless with UPDF AI. Let’s move on and explore the second reason why you should try UPDF!

Reason 2. All-in-one professional PDF editor

Let’s take a look at what this versatile tool brings to the table.

  • Edit all PDF elements: with UPDF you can edit every element of your PDF such as text, images, links, backgrounds, headers, footers and more.


  • Note for collaboration: collaborate better with UPDF’s versatile annotation tools. You can add highlights, comments, sticky notes, wavy lines, stickers, stamps, etc.
  • Create and fill out forms: UPDF allows you to create PDF forms to enhance data collection. With its form field recognition features you can fill out interactive and non-interactive forms in a snap.


  • Authentication with signatures: add handwritten, digital and electronic signatures to authenticate your educational, professional and legal documents.
  • Protect your documents: UPDF gives you full control over your documents. You can add passwords, download and print permissions, watermarks, blackouts and more!
  • Powerful OCR tool: if you’re tired of dealing with scanned documents, UPDF’s OCR will quickly convert them into editable, searchable PDFs with formatting retained.

In addition to these robust features, UPDF also allows you to convert, compress, and organize PDFs. UPDF is a complete PDF solution right on your desktop and mobile device. In this regard, here is the third reason why you should try UPDF.

Reason 3. Full platform support with one license

While providing professional-grade PDF solutions, UPDF maintains the convenience of its users. You can use 1 premium license of UPDF on 4 devices at the same time. These devices include 2 desktops and 2 mobile phones. As for platform support, UPDF is fully compatible with all platforms, including Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android.


The best part? UPDF offers free cloud storage for seamless access to your PDF workflow across all devices.

Sounds nice, right? But we’re not done yet! Here’s another reason to download and try UPDF!

Reason 4. Regular updates for improvement

When it comes to choosing the best PDF editor, regular feature updates cannot be overlooked. Tools with continuous updates tend to adapt to new technological advances faster than others. UPDF always strives for the best by regularly introducing new features and improvements.

Reason 5. A convenient PDF solution

With a full suite of professional PDF solutions, you would expect a price as high as its competitors. But, interestingly enough, this is not the case. While Adobe Acrobat costs a whopping $239.88 per year, UPDF costs only 1/4 of its price. Plus, unlike most PDF editors, you don’t have to pay individually for each platform you use.

UPDF is now offering an exclusive offer to “iLsoftware” readers, further reducing the price of UPDF Pro. It will be the biggest deal of the year, enjoy the discount now!


When it comes to choosing the best PDF editor, you need to consider several factors. Apart from the rich features, you cannot ignore the ease of use, accessibility, regular updates and affordable prices. Indeed, UPDF takes the crown for all these factors and more. Say goodbye to having to juggle multiple platforms when UPDF offers a one-stop solution for your PDF needs. Switch to UPDF today and explore the endless ways to improve your PDF work with UPDF!

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