Use a more comfortable mouse with more keys to replace the normal one

New mouse The mouse is the part of the computer that is used the most and, at the same time, even the most neglected. Many people buy powerful and fast computers that also cost 1000 euros or more, and then use them with a standard mouse with just two buttons and a scroll wheel, which would be the case to replace with a new and better one. There are many types of mice for sale in electronics and computer shops, which differ in shape, the type of technology with which they are built and the degree of precision in movements.
Making the right choice, you will end up wondering why a new mouse had not been bought before and how convenient it is to replace the standard mouse with a more advanced, comfortable and more functional mouse.
Let’s see in this guide the best, most comfortable mice to use to replace old mice with just a few buttons.

How to replace the old normal mouse with a new one

When we have to buy a new mouse, we can choose between different types of mice, each suitable for a particular scenario or certain programs. We will only have to choose which type is closest to our needs so that we can buy a new, powerful mouse with all the features required.

New mouse features

The basic features to look for a mouse new are the following:

  • DPI (dots per inch): DPI measures the accuracy of the sliding sensor and is a feature to be checked if precision programs or video games are used. DPI indicates the sensitivity of the mouse and a higher number indicates that the mouse can respond with greater precision when it is moved very little, with the cursor traveling across the screen much faster. Please note that for normal use of the computer the PPE must be kept at a low or medium value.
  • Laser or optical mouse: the difference between these two types of a mouse is that the optical mouse uses an LED that reflects the surface in which it is placed while a laser mouse tracks the movement with the laser. Optical mice can therefore only be used on flat and opaque surfaces while a laser mouse can be used on almost any surface, even on glass. Laser mice are also more sensitive and can reach higher DPI values ​​by making the cursor run much faster (forcing us to slow it down from the Control Panel settings).
  • Wireless mouse: wireless mice are wireless, with a receiver that attaches to the USB socket and a rechargeable (or long-lasting) battery inside them. You can even buy a Bluetooth wireless mouse, which doesn’t take up a USB port on your computer. Usually, the mouse with a receiver is more reactive than the Bluetooth mouse even if a lot depends on the cost.
  • Mouse Touchpad: as an alternative to a normal mouse, you might consider buying a touchpad similar to what you can find on a laptop. A trackpad is not suitable for games and photo-retouching or drawing, but it is convenient for those who are accustomed to the laptop and the use of touch screens.

Other parameters to consider can be viewed in our article Best PC mouse: wireless, optical, laser or for games.

Gaming mouse

Gaming or gaming mouse they are usually the most expensive and most accurate mice, they have several programmable keys at will, they offer different pointing speeds and always come with one very ergonomic shape that fits the hand; even from the aesthetic point of view they are the best, since they are embellished with beautiful LED flashing lights.
Gaming mouse

The gaming mouse is a mouse that really changes life even those who work a lot on the computer, especially since it is possible to program additional keys for launch programs, key combinations and recurring operations, making computer use faster (just think of copy and paste). Gaming mice are also excellent from an ergonomic point of view, preventing carpal tunnel syndrome and wrist pain.
The possibility of varying the DPI, ie the precision of the mouse camera, makes it possible to make the movement of the cursor faster or slower and more precise depending on the game or the use of the computer (for example with a graphic program better a more accurate control).
The best gaming mice we recommend to view are:

  1. AmazonBasics – Multi-color gaming mouse, with programmable macros (€ 18)
  2. AUKEY RGB Gaming Mouse, FPS Mouse with Real 5000 DPI (€ 23)
  3. Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury Gaming Mouse (€ 38)
  4. Razer DeathAdder Chroma Gaming Mouse (€ 54)
  5. Corsair M65 PRO RGB Optical Gaming Mouse (€ 65)

Ergonomic vertical mouse

With a vertical mouse, the hand is positioned to the side, resting on a hollow of the mouse, without resting with the flat wrist. This way the blood circulation is not blocked, the hand is not asleep and there is no risk of the carpal tunnel.
Vertical mouse

Even those who consider a standard three-button mouse sufficient, should, therefore, consider a new ergonomic and more comfortable, in shape, than the classic one.
Ergonomic mice are designed to adapt to the shape of the hand more naturally, reducing strain on the fingers and wrist. Unfortunately, left-handed people will find it more difficult to find an ergonomic mouse at a lower price, but they will find it enormously more advantageous and comfortable.
Ideally, it would be better to go to a store and try them before buying them, but if we are convinced of the choice we can focus on one of the models indicated below:

  1. TECKNET Vertical Mouse, Wireless 2000 DPI Ergonomic Mouse (€ 15)
  2. CSL – Vertical Mouse – Model CSL TM137U Optical (€ 16)
  3. AUTLEY Vertical Mouse, Rechargeable Wireless Ergonomic Mouse (€ 18)
  4. Anker Vertical Wireless Mouse – Wireless Mouse With Vertical Grip (€ 19)
  5. Logitech MX Vertical Mouse ergonomic advanced wired and wireless (€ 81)
  6. Perixx PERIMICE-518 with a left-handed thread
  7. Perixx Vertical Perimice with right-hand thread

Portable travel mice

Those who use the laptop a lot around may prefer a small mouse with wireless technology so that they can use it immediately without the bulk of the wire (which often only causes annoyance when we use the notebook).
Travel mouse

The small and travel mice are designed to fit well inside the laptop bag and are hardly ergonomic and suitable for prolonged work (except for some very expensive exceptions), so it’s better to use them only when the laptop’s trackpad is too uncomfortable for the work we intend to do.
The best wireless travel mice we can view are:

  1. GeekerChip Wireless Mouse 2.4G, Wireless Mouse (€ 8)
  2. HP 200 Wireless Mouse with Shaped Profile (€ 9)
  3. AmazonBasics – Wireless Mouse with USB 2.0 micro receiver (€ 10)
  4. Logitech M185 Wireless Mouse (€ 11)
  5. Logitech MX Anywhere 2 AMZ Wireless Bluetooth Mouse (€ 49)

Mouse Touchpad

Finally, we wanted to point out the Mouse Touchpad mice, that is real external USB trackpads that can be connected to any computer (fixed or portable) to get the same performance as a trackpad integrated on notebooks.

We can use it in case of breakage of the main trackpad or if we need to get the same dexterity we were used to (especially if we often use laptops).
The best models we can view are:

  1. Speedlink Sway Trackpad Multitouch (€ 14)
  2. Perixx PER IPAD-501 Touchpad with Wire (€ 19)
  3. Perixx PER IPAD-504 Touchpad with cable, USB (€ 30)
  4. Jelly Comb USB Touchpad USB High-Precision Touchpad (€ 39)
  5. Jelly Comb Wire Touchpad with High Precision in Metal (42 €)


For any type of work or need it is possible to replace the old simple mouse with one of the mice indicated in this guide, so as to increase productivity and speed of execution with some programs that require great precision (such as games or graphics programs ).

In another guide, we showed you how Add touch-screen controls for Windows 10 PCs.
If instead, we need to move the mouse quickly with the keyboard, we advise you to read our guide on how to move the mouse with the keyboard.

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