Program to set a video or animated GIF image as your desktop background in Windows 10 and Windows 11

Windows wallpaper video Many users wonder if they can customize Windows 11 so much that they even can use a video as a desktop wallpaperperhaps choosing a nice relaxing background or a video showing a storm or continuous rain (really useful if we need to relax between one job and another).

Those looking for a truly unique experience on their desktop have found the right guide: here we have collected the best tools for put a video as wallpaper on Windows 11 PCgiving top priority to free tools usable on any Windows workstation.

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1) VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player
One of the most effective tricks to put a video as wallpaper on Windows 11 PC involves using the program VLCone of the best PC players equipped with many hidden and innovative functions.

After downloading and installing VLC, open it and start the video by pressing on the top left Media -> Open Filethen we deactivate the audio track by pressing on the menu Audio and pressing up Audio Track -> Disable.

Now that we have turned off the audio, press on at the bottom Cycle one (repeat the video endlessly), we press at the top of the menu Video and finally press on Set as wallpaper.

The chosen video will be shown in full screen and you should be able to keep the taskbar visible; if this does not happen we press the button WIN of the keyboard to show it, right-click on the taskbar, click on Taskbar settings and we immediately close the window, so as to leave the bar clearly visible while the video runs as your desktop background.

Alternatively we can recall the programs and apps already open with ALT+TABthus launching the taskbar and keeping the video playing as the background.

Obviously with this trick it is not possible to access the desktop icons; we will have to use the button Startthe button WIN or taskbar icons to open programs.

2) DeskScapes

DeskScapes One of the best programs to put a video as desktop wallpaper on Windows 11 is DeskScapesavailable as a 30-day free trial.

This application appears to be a real store of animated backgrounds and videos ready to be used as wallpaper for our desktop. After choosing the animated wallpaper or video to use as a background, all we have to do is press on Apply to my desktop to add it as a wallpaper, thus bringing our desktop to life like never before.

By pressing the button Configure background we can adjust some settings of the chosen background or video, so as to make it fit perfectly on any screen, with any resolution.

3) PUSH Video Wallpaper

PUSH Video Wallpaper Another program that we can use to put a video as wallpaper on Windows 11 PC is PUSH Video Wallpaperavailable for free.

After downloading it, launch it, press the + icon and add the video to use as a wallpaper. The program will ask us to create a clip to play (in case the video is too large) and will also ask us to add automatic playback or not, so as to create a truly unique animated background.

Among the app settings we find the possibility to start the program when Windows starts, so as to immediately find our favorite video background playing immediately.

4) Awesome Wallpaper

Awesome Wallpaper, software designed to allow users to set a video as wallpaper in Windows 10 (not in Windows 11). The program is free and open source. Video formats supported by AwesomeWallpaper include MP4, MP3, MPG, MPEG and AVI. You can create a nice background using short videos such as a rainy day, flowers or blades of grass swaying or anything you want. You can configure the video to loop (repeat), autoplay and also to cancel or set the volume.

5) YouTube

YouTube Also YouTube can be used as a desktop wallpaperwithout installing anything on the PC but using a common browser (both Edge and Chrome are fine).

Let’s first choose the video to play as the background (for example the relaxing rain video), we press the F key on the keyboard to set full screen then press ALT+TAB to move on tolast program opened before the browserthus showing both the taskbar and the non-minimized program window (which will therefore use the YouTube video as its background).

If we want to quickly deactivate the sound of the chosen video, just press the on the keyboard M key (which corresponds to the Mute button) before setting the video to full screen.

To avoid YouTube advertising for desktop wallpapers we recommend you try YouTube Premiumthe paid version of YouTube that removes all advertising during playback.


With these simple tricks we will be able to use a video as wallpaper on Windows 11 PCusing only free apps, free trials or even the YouTube site as a source for the video to use in the background.

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