OneNote for free Microsoft provides the app for free OneNote for all platforms, going to replace all the notes and notes apps present on PCs and mobile devices, also thanks to innovative features taken from the other apps in the Office suite and from news related to the Copilot mode (based on Bing Chat, the Microsoft AI now ubiquitous on any product from the Redmond house).

In the following guide we will show you how to download OneNote everywhere and what are the best innovative features that we can take advantage of from the notes and notes app, especially for those who use this program to study or to write a work report.

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1) Download OneNote for free

OneNote is free to download as a program for PC, Mac and as an app for smartphones and tablets using one of the links below, downloading the right version based on the operating system in use:

  • Windows 11 o Windows 10
  • Mac
  • Android
  • iPhone o iPad

OneNote can also be used onlinewithout downloading anything, from the site OneNote Onlineby logging in with a Microsoft account (from the top right button).

In addition to apps, we can also integrate OneNote into major web browsers as a screen capture system or site window capture system, interesting link saving system, and on-the-fly note capture system; to integrate it, all we have to do is download the free extension for Google Chrome and for Microsoft Edge.

2) Start using OneNote

Speaking of the programtabbed interface it is intuitive like all Office programs and allows you to enter notes and memos by choosing the font, color and all the formatting options typical of memo or notes apps.

Notes can be organized in different cards based on the type of information and, for each note card, many pages and sheets can be added from the vertical column. You can also insert images, documents, freehand drawings, multimedia files and scanned documents as notes.

Every note is saved online using the free space on the site OneDrive; speaking instead of OneNote online there are several useful tools for integrated use with the browser and internet browsing.

3) Use dictation and text transcription

Users who decide to focus on OneNote can take advantage of two very useful functions: Dictation e Text transcription.

The Dictation function is accessible to all OneNote users by pressing up on the Home menu and pressing the key Dictationusing the built-in dictation system to generate text through our voice.

Users who have a subscription to Microsoft 365 can also benefit from the feature Transcription, really great for transcribing an audio file recorded in a written report (for example a university lecture or a recording of a company meeting); to use this function we will have to go to the menu Home and (if available) press the key Transcribe.

To learn more, we can read our guide on how to transcribe YouTube videos or other sites while watching.

4) Use the math solver

Students will appreciate OneNote’s math solvercapable of converting any handwritten text into an equation, solving equations and showing the corrected function study graph (based on the data provided in the notes).

To use this function, all we have to do is scan any exercise or formula with the OneNote app (using the rear camera of the phone), go to the OneNote application for PC or Mac, press at the top on Drawing and use the keys In equation e Math assistant to take advantage of the math solver.

Alternatively we can use the mathematical solver by pressing on the menu insert and clicking on Math assistant.

On mathematical solvers we can read our articles on sites to solve math and algebra exercises with steps and calculations and al Microsoft math calculator online and as an app.

5) Use the AI ​​Copilot

The latest preview versions of OneNote have also introduced Copilotthe AI ​​assistant based on ChatGPT and Bing Chat capable of automatically filling in notes, helping in writing and in the shape of the notes we are writing and providing answers and links in real time, without having to open the browser.

Copilot will make its debut in next update of Microsoft 365 and will also be present on Word and Excelintegrating AI more and more into everyday life.

It is not known when Copilot will arrive in the stable version of OneNotebut given how Microsoft is integrating Bing Chat into each of its products, it will be enough to wait very little to be able to use the new Copilot to write effective notes full of information on all our devices.

On the same topic we can read our guide ai best free AI tools to work and study.


OneNote is a great program that we can download and use for free on all platforms without limits. Syncing with the Microsoft account is seamless and can work right away like universal note and quick note binderwith innovative features that can beat even similar apps like Evernote.

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