How to switch from Gmail to (from Microsoft) without changing your email address, the easy way, especially if your Gmail is slow to load

Gmail in Outlook Microsoft Outlook is the ultimate mail client even if we use Gmail as our main mail service, given that the famous client allows you to add and manage any type of email account (including Google’s, definitely the most used and famous in the world).

So let’s not limit ourselves to opening a browser and leaving it active only to read mail, especially if we use the PC for work or study: let’s open Outlook on the PC and use it with Gmail or any other mail account, choosing to leave it in the background to manage for us the incoming mail or to reply to the emails that arrive during the day.

In the following guide we will show you how to use with gmail addressso you can receive and send e-mail from one or more Gmail accounts from Outlook without having to open webmail every time or without having to dedicate an entire browser to managing your e-mail accounts.

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1) Use Outlook with Gmail address (automatic configuration)

To take advantage of the automatic configuration of the Gmail account in Outlook, all we have to do is open the Outlook application, press the top menu Fileclick on the button Add accounts and enter your Gmail email address, followed by your password.

In a completely automatic way, Outlook yes will configure with the IMAP service of our Gmail account, starting to download all the headers of the latest emails received; the new emails received will thus arrive immediately in the application, without having to open the web browser and without having to create web apps.

From the app we can manage mail account folders, reply to emails received, open attachments (complete with anti-virus check), archive and delete Gmail emails, obtaining a practically perfect level of synchronization.

The presence of the Gmail account does not affect the addition of an Outlook or Exchange account: we can in fact use a single app to receive and reply to all our mailboxes.

2) Use Gmail in the Outlook app (manual setup)

In addition to the automatic configuration, we can also use the manual configuration of the Gmail mail account, in cases where the automatic one fails or is necessary set up IMAP access for a corporate Gmail account in detail (Google Workspace o G Suite).

Before proceeding, make sure you activate the IMAP protocol by accessing the Gmail page dedicated to forwarding and POP/IMAP (we can also access it by opening the site, clicking on the gear at the top right and going to View all settings -> Forwarding and POP/IMAP), by activating the check mark next to the item Turn on IMAP and clicking on the bottom Save Changes.

Now that IMAP is active let’s go to the Outlook application, press on at the top left Filethen up Add accounts and click on Advanced optionsso that the entry can be ticked Allow manual account setup.

On the next screen, press on IMAPwe press on Change account settings and we use the following parameters for accessing the Gmail account:

Inbox (IMAP)

  • Server:
  • Requires SSL: Yes
  • Porta: 993
  • Account Name: Full Gmail address
  • Password: the same as for Gmail

Outgoing mail (SMTP)

  • Server:
  • Requires SSL: Yes
  • Port: 465 or 587
  • Account Name: Full Gmail address
  • Password: the same as for Gmail

To conclude, just press on Connect and wait for the account to be added to Outlook. For more information, you can read our guide on parameters to configure Gmail.


Outlook can become our default mail reader on Windows, especially if we already have Office installed on the computer and we want to take full advantage of its features. Compared to web clients we will have more control over email accounts, we will be able to respond faster with different Gmail or Outlook accounts and immediately scan the attachments contained within the messages, thus avoiding the arrival of new viruses.

To learn more, we can read our guides on Best Microsoft Outlook Alternatives for Email on PC come on how to protect mailbox and e-mail.

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