Use Restrictions on Instagram to limit interactions with users

Do we have too many users on Instagram who follow us or contact us randomly? Let’s see how to limit interactions with others

Targeted Instagram restrictions

Instagram it can become an excellent social network for meeting new interesting people or those interested in what we share, but it can also become a place to meet obsessed or disreputable peopleeasily identifiable as real stalker.

There are several tools for impose restrictions on interactions on Instagramavoiding making your profile private and minimizing the risk of being targeted and, essentially, keeping to yourself without being disturbed by strangers.

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1) Set restrictions on Instagram

The first step we can take involves opening the Instagram app on our phone, pressing the profile icon at the bottom left, pressing the icon with the three lines at the top right and finally taking us to Settings and privacy.

Once this menu is open, scroll until we find the item Messages and replies from storieslet’s open the voice Responses to stories and we emerge Allow followers you follow to reply.

Returning to the previous window we can set even more restrictions by opening the menu Tags and mentions and ticking off the entries Allow tags from people you follow e Allow people you follow to mention you. In the same window we press on Manually approve tags and activate this handy feature to avoid being tagged in unpleasant or inconvenient photos.

Nel menu Hidden words it’s worth turning on the voices Advanced comment filters e Hide message requeststhus activating a very effective filter to immediately stop offensive, spam or useless messages from users who just want to sell us stuff.

2) Use the Restrictions feature

Another very interesting feature of Instagram (alternative to blocking the user) is Restrictionswhich avoids having to lose the follow of the annoying person but greatly limits their interaction with our profile, making our Instagram environment much more serene.

As soon as we identify a person who bothers us, we press on their profile picture, press on the three dots at the top right, select the menu Apply restrictions to minimize interactions with this user; we will still be able to access his profile but chat will be deactivated (although still visible) e its interactions will not be viewable under our photos or posts.

3) Use the Limited Interactions feature

If there are many accounts and users to restrict (even hundreds or thousands), it is best to use the function Limited interactionsdesigned by Instagram for protect users with a certain visibility and with a high number of interactions and users.

To activate this function let’s go to the path Profile -> Three-line menu -> Settings and privacylet’s press on Limited interactions and we press on Continues. By confirming where necessary and following the directions of the app we will be able to limit users on Instagram with targeted restrictionswithout losing a single follower and without losing the positioning achieved on this social network.


Applying targeted restrictions is often advisable compared to blocking the user on Instagram: by blocking the user we will also lose his follow (however precious, even if from an annoying or annoying person); applying other recommended restrictions we will make our Instagram profile very clean and free from insults, spam, offenses or worse.

If we suffer real stalking you might as well enter this person’s profile, press on the three dots at the top right and use your voice Block. We remind you that restricted and blocked people can also be unblocked from the Settings and privacy menu by opening the menus With restrictions e Blocked users.

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