Use the Smartwatch to answer calls and WhatsApp

Do we want to answer WhatsApp messages and calls from the smartwatch? Let’s see how it’s done

WhatsApp smartwatch calls

With modern smartwatches they are equipped with a microphone and a small speaker, so you can manage incoming phone calls from your phone, listen to WhatsApp voice notes and respond without ever having to take your smartphone out of your pocket or bag.

It is not difficult to set up the smartwatch for reply to WhatsApp and received phone callsprovided you use a compatible model.

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1) Best smartwatches for WhatsApp and calls

Before continuing it is worth it check if we have a smartwatch that natively supports the management of received calls from your smartphone, without having to configure anything special. For example, some of the best smartwatches that have this feature include:

  • Google Pixel Watch: the best choice if we have an Android phone, even better if we own a Google Pixel.
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch>: another excellent choice if we have an Android smartphone or a Samsung phone last generation.
  • Ticwatch: Many TicWatch series smartwatches support calling on any Android phone.
  • Xiaomi Watch: among the best smartwatches compatible with Android phones and, in particular, with Xiaomi phones.
  • Apple Watch: the logical choice if we own an iPhone and want to manage all call functions directly from the watch.

To learn more we can read our guide on which Smartwatch to buy.

2) How to answer calls from Android

To answer calls received from an Android phone it is first necessary to connect the smartwatch to our smartphone, using the specific app for the type of watch we have chosen (Wear OS, Galaxy Wearable, Mobvoi o Mi Fitness).

After following the wizard and having correctly connected the watch to our smartphone all we have to do is wait for the call; as soon as it arrives we can respond to it directly from the smartwatch, using the response button on the watch screen and using the built-in speaker and microphone.

Alternatively we can also answer from the phone and, once the call is opened, press the button Speakerphone and select the name of our smartwatch to pass the call to it. If we have problems managing the call via watch, we invite you to check the route Settings -> Bluetooth and check that the watch is correctly connected to the phone.

For further information we can read the guide above what to do if Bluetooth doesn’t connect.

3) How to answer calls from iPhone

If we have an iPhone and an Apple Watch, answering calls is very simple but we will first have to connect the watch to the Apple phone. The procedure provided by Apple is designed for simplify the connection as much as possible: we bring the new Apple Watch closer to the iPhone in our possession and, as soon as the detection notification appears on the phone, we confirm and follow the procedure to complete the pairing.

At the end of the association, all we have to do is wait for a phone call to arrive and answer directly from the smartwatch, using the answer button on the Apple Watch screen.

Alternatively we can also make calls by opening the Phone app on your Apple Watch, selecting the contact in the phonebook and starting the call; obviously the phone must be nearby to be able to manage the telephone part, unless you have chosen a Apple Watch Ultra with eSIM card (which can work even without a phone).

4) How to manage WhatsApp messages and calls

To manage messages on WhatsApp using one smartwatch equipped with Wear OS 3 or later all we have to do is get the app WhatsApp on our Android phone, wait a few minutes with the smartwatch near the phone (to start synchronization) and check the presence of the WhatsApp app among those installed on the smartwatch, so as to be able to manage the main functions without having to unlock the phone every time.

Alternatively many smartwatches with WearOS and other systems they can anyway manage WhatsApp notifications and show sender, content (to a minimal extent) and also provide response keys, a small key to open the integrated mini keyboard or a key for voice dictation (the best method to use).

With Apple Watch the situation is slightly different: messages from the app installed on the iPhone are correctly displayed as notifications on the watch but not all the functions seen on smartwatches with Wear OS are yet available, mainly due to the absence of the official WhatsApp app for Apple Watch.

For further information we can also read our guide on how to receive WhatsApp notifications on Smartwatch.


Smartwatches can be a excellent method for answering WhatsApp and calls from smartwatches, without having to take your phone out of your bag or pocket every time. For traditional calls, both Google smartwatches and Apple Watches perform very well, while for WhatsApp, more functions are currently available on WearOS than on Apple Watch (due to the lack of the official app, which will hopefully arrive soon).

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