Let’s see how to configure WhatsApp to use the same phone number on two or more different phones at the same time

Whatsapp multi device

By downloading the latest version of WhatsApp we can finally configure our account for read messages even from a second phonewithout having to move the SIM to the latter device and without causing messes with the main phone (where we performed the activation procedure via phone number and confirmation SMS).

In the following guide, we’ll show you how to use WhatsApp on two different phones with the same number, so you can use a spare phone when you’re away on vacation and don’t want to use your main (more expensive) phone.

Currently the multi device feature of WhatsApp it is compatible with up to 4 devices at the same time (whether they are PCs, smartphones or tablets); that means, if we have not configured WhatsApp Web or the WhatsApp app on the PC, we can in theory connect up to 4 phones on the same account, whether they are Android or iPhone.

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1) Configure multi device on WhatsApp

The first step is to access WhatsApp with our phone number on the main smartphone: this procedure is essential to be able to configure the multi-device on the other devices. We then download the WhatsApp app on the main phone and follow the procedure to create or activate our account.

After activating the app, press on the three dots at the top right (on Android) or on the menu Settings (on iPhone), press on Connected deviceswe press on Connect a deviceprovide permissions to access the rear camera and be ready to scan the QR code on the new phones to be configured, reading the following chapters of the guide (depending on the phone in use).

Pair a second device (Android smartphone or tablet, iPad or iPhone

If we want to access the same account from a second Android phone, download the app from the Google Play Store, open the app and, after choosing the language, don’t use the phone number to finish the configuration: instead press on the item Connect to an existing device to bring up the QR code to scan.

Now all we have to do is bring the primary phone closer and scan the code that appears on the screen: in a few seconds we will have it right away access to our messages already present on the primary phone and we will thus be able to use WhatsApp on different phones without removing the SIM.

The procedure is also the same on the iPhone, with the difference that we will have to download the right app fromApple App Store integrated on our second iPhone used for the purpose.

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2) Remove device no longer used

We used the spare phone to read WhatsApp messages but now we want to remove it from the authorized devices list? Nothing easier!

We open the WhatsApp app from the main phone, go to the menu Connected devices (as seen in the first chapter of the guide), identify the smartphone to remove access to WhatsApp and press on it to remove it.

The WhatsApp app on the other phone will automatically log out, also deleting all messages and saved chats; the next time it is accessed, it will show the start screen where it is possible to enter the phone number or associate the app again with a new account.


Finally WhatsApp has bridged the gap with Telegram adding multi-device support without having to unnecessarily move the SIM from the main phone: now it’s really simple to configure up to 4 spare phones where you can read your messages without problems.

The Whatsapp experience on connected devices is practically the same as on the main smartphone, with all the features without limitations. Only some settings, those relating to account management, are not available.

For security reasons we have to log in at least once every 14 days to the primary phonei.e. the smartphone where the SIM is present and where we first accessed WhatsApp (with security code and all the rest): in this way we will always have control of the devices authorized to read our messages.

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