Use Whatsapp to make free calls (iPhone, Android, Windows)

Eventually, the calls came from Whatsapp which now becomes not only an application for instant messages but also for the call for free in VOIP, which is using the internet connection of the mobile phone.
The advantage is enormous and there is really no limit to the phone calls that can be made, both because Whatsapp all have it (while instead, for example, Skype no), and because everyone shares their phone number in Whatsapp (which instead does not happen on Facebook).
The function of voice calls in Whatsapp, very similar to free calls with Viber, is available now in the latest version of the app for Android, for Windows Phone and for iPhone, which is found as an update in the Google Play Store and in iTunes.
After an invitation period, the Whatsapp free phone call function should now be active for everyone with the new version.READ ALSO: Chat Whatsapp now via WEB on PCPractically, after installing the latest version of Whatsapp, you can activate free voice calls only by receiving a call from a user who already has this feature active.
After receiving the call, immediately, you will find, in the main Whatsapp screen, three separate tabs: one that lists the last calls, one with the list of the last conversations in chat and one with the list of contacts.
For each contact, the handset key is also visible, allowing you to call him for free (if connected to the internet).
The Whatsapp voice call can be made from the latest version of the application on Android smartphones and also on the iPhone.

In the Whatsapp settings, to the section Chat and calls, you can activate the reduced data consumption option, to prevent a Whatsapp call from consuming the entire traffic available in a limited data plan.

Voice calls are active for iPhone from 21 April 2015, installing the application update (2.12.1), as can also be seen from the iTunes tab.

From 25 June 2015, Whatsapp calls are also active on Microsoft and Windows Phone smartphones installing the latest version of Whatsapp.

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