Usernames arrive on Signal, what they are for and how the messaging app changes

The world of instant messaging applications is very broad: there are many solutions on the web, all with different and particularly interesting characteristics. When choosing which app to use, users are particularly attentive to the level of security and privacy protection guaranteed and for this reason the various companies tend to always implement new functions that can reassure members. Signal has, for this reason, decided to launch usernamesbeating a big competitor to the punch: WhatsApp.

Usernames are a feature that is always appreciated by those who use messaging apps, as they allow you to converse with strangers without the fear that your phone number or data will be used inappropriately. Let’s discover the new feature of Signal and all its advantages.

Signal, username coming soon: how they will work

Signal has begun testing a series of features that aim to protect privacy and to make the telephone number invisible for all unknown contacts while exchanging messages through the application.

Soon, therefore, it will no longer be necessary to exchange telephone numbers to be able to converse with Signal, but it will be sufficient communicate your usernamesimilarly to what already happens on Telegram.

The username will be a real identifier. Users will be able to choose independently whether to use it by communicating it to the people they want to converse with. They can also prevent anyone from finding your Signal account through your phone number.

The username will be unique: you will not be able to choose names already selected by other users who use the application. The username, or username, is different from the profile namewhich may not even be unique.

Users have already welcomed this novelty with enthusiasm and Meredith Whittaker, president of Signal, stated that the company has the intention of creating a messaging and communications application that can be used all over the world in a simple and safe way to connect with anyone.

Signal, all expected changes

Other things have changed about the application with usernames, starting with default settings. The phone number will no longer be visible in the default Signal profile. This will be shown only to those who have already saved it in the address book of your device.

Gods were then created ways to allow sharing your username. This may occur through communication of the unique username or showing a QR code which allows anyone to connect in just a few clicks.

The functionality is now only present in the beta version of the application and can be used by a few preview users who have the task of testing it and communicating any critical issues. The developers are refining it with the aim of implement it on the app and spread it to everyone in the coming weeks.

The phone number will continue to have a fundamental importance on Signal, as it will remain the main authentication and registration method. It will not be possible to log in with your username.

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