Users keep an iPhone more than an Android, here's why

Making a quick estimate especially in the United States, the population seems to be split more or less in half when it comes to operating systems mobile. On the one hand, here are all the users who have a iPhone in the hands, while on the other side of the barricade there are the Android lovers.

This discussion is clearly about usage, not sales. Some statistics collected by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) would have made it clear that Android smartphones outsell iPhones every year, by a wide margin especially in the United States. As mentioned, the split appears to be about 50/50 between iPhone and Android in the United States, but people are buying more smartphones tied to Google’s operating system every year.

This suggests that Android users change their smartphones much more frequently than users who have a device made in Cupertino.

Statistics show that users who own an Apple device are inclined to keep their phone for more than a year. The percentage is 90%. Those who keep their iPhone for a year or less before changing it are therefore equivalent to 10%. Moving on to Android, this percentage rises to 23%, therefore more than double. The question therefore is the following: why do users change their smartphone more frequently with the green robot on board?

Users change their Android smartphone more frequently than iPhone owners, here’s why

A plausible reason for this situation in the past would have been updates. The iOS platform guarantees an update to the next version for more than that 5 yearswhile Android smartphones receive approx 2 years support.

However, all this is no longer relevant as Samsung, which is the largest brand to use Google’s OS, supports its phones for around 4 years, just as Google does for 7 years.

The new parameters, however, also see another motivation: the lower cost of Android devices. This pushes people to be more inclined to change smartphones.

Another reason for the more frequent change concerns the large number of devices that the little green robot welcomes into its ranks every year. If on the one hand it is only Apple that increases its range of smartphones once a year with the usual presentation in September, on the other hand there are several brands that show new terminals several times during the months. The battle therefore seems to be going on as equals, at least for the moment, albeit with a different modus operandi.


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