UUP Media Creator: download any version of Windows and create ISO files

UUP Media Creator: download any version of Windows and create ISO files

Microsoft Unified Update Platform (UUP) is an update technology for Windows operating systems that was introduced years ago, in 2017, with the publication of Windows 10 Creators Update. UUP is designed for reduce the size of updates of Windows and improve the efficiency of the Windows distribution process. Machines that need updates receive smaller packets thus avoiding heavy file transfers.

In practice, when a user requests an update, the system checks which one operating system version is installed on your machine and which components need to be updated. UUP then creates a package of custom updatewhich contains only the strictly necessary files, ultimately making it available to the client.

Il advantage of UUP is that it allows users to download and install updates more quickly. Thanks to the download of only the data you need, the use of the network bandwidth it is significantly reduced with obvious benefits in terms of performance, especially for those who use slow, limited or congested connections.

UUP available on enterprise systems

Microsoft recently announced the introduction of updates via UUP on Windows systems used in the company: compared to the “one-off” download of 10 GB of data (components necessary for the subsequent distribution of updates to clients), subsequent downloads are very fast.

In another article we talked about the unofficial project UUP dump which allows you to install the latest version of Windows 11 and try the latest innovations but also create updated installation media of Windows 10 and Windows Server.

What UUP Media Creator is and how it works

UUP Media Creator (UUPMC) is a command line based tool that, like UUP dumpallows you to download Windows installation media files through the UUP platform and convert them to ISO or VHD format (for virtual machines).

The latest version of the project has received several fixes and improvements, as well as the ability to download Windows files from Canary Channel, containing the newest versions of the Microsoft operating system. Furthermore, at present, UUP Media Creator also allows the download of a updated version of the Microsoft system based on Windows 11 Moment 4.

Unlike other utilities for the ISO file download Like Rufus or Media Creation Tool, UUP Media Creator is slightly more complicated as it is entirely command line based. The UUP Media Creator GitHub page offers all the instructions for using the software tool.

UUP Media Creator consists of two utilities: UUPDownload e UUPMediaConverter. The first allows you to scan, recover and download files from the UUP platform; the second helps convert the resulting files into images of storage media to mount or use to create bootable media.

The version of UUP Media Creator with a graphical interface

Alternatively, you can install UUP Media Creator via the Microsoft Store: the graphical version of the same app offers a simple and intuitive user interface that makes downloading files much easier. At the moment, however, it is not yet possible to download the versions in this case Canary di Windows.

UUP Media Creator allows you to select the version of Windows to create in the form of an ISO file with the possibility to choose for architectures x64, x86 and even ARM64. The next window proposed by the wizard allows you to choose one of the many versions of Windows: in the list there are both stable versions and those released in preview (program Windows Insider).

Next to each version, UUP Media Creator reports the corresponding one build numberuseful for recognizing preview versions from the definitive ones already subject to public release.

The procedure therefore allows you to choose the language, the operating system edition, the data compression algorithm and to specify the folder and name of theWindows image that you want to achieve. Everything is summarized in a report screen, proposed as the last step.

UUP Media Creator is a project open source whose development is managed through GitHub. The developer is widely known in the community because in the past he has allowed, thanks to his solutions, the simple installation and running of Windows 11, Windows 10X and Windows10 on Surface Duo, Lumia smartphones and other devices.

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