Veeam Data Platform 23H2: Respond to cyber incidents and ransomware attacks

When it comes to protection from cyber disasters, human errors, malware and ransomware infections, the solutions Veeam they are a real point of reference. The company is a leader in data protection and business solutions business-as-usual downstream of a possible one ransomware attack.

The solutions of backup Veeam-branded, for example, have long focused on the concept of immutability of the data. This is an approach that allows you to eliminate the effects of a ransomware’s action because the content of the backup copies, if configured correctly, cannot be modified by anything or anyone. In this way it is possible to frustrate all attempts at encryption and subsequent removal of company data carried out by ransomware, even the most recent and aggressive ones.

Veeam products, among other things, integrate with a vast number of third-party solutions. In some of our articles we talked about theinteroperability of Veeam solutions: for example, it is possible to create an immutable archive with QNAP and Veeam NAS and combine a cloud storage geo-distributed as Cubbit per fare backup anti-ransomware.

Veeam Data Platform 23H2: what the new platform for corporate data protection looks like

The new release of Veeam Data Platform 23H2, just released, includes hundreds of new features and improvements designed not only to protect companies’ most critical data, but also to enable radical resilience. An integral part of the package are the new versions of Veeam Backup & Replication (v12.1), Veeam ONE (v12.1) e Veeam Recovery Orchestrator (v7).

The newly unveiled update focuses on what Veeam does best: reduce downtime and avoid data loss for the entire customer base (to date approximately 450,000 customers).

Il AI engine for integrated malware detection performs low-impact analysis during backup activities. The goal is to immediately detect the presence of malicious components and manage them accordingly. The new Veeam Threat Center highlights threats, identifies risks and measures the security score of each environment. YARA content analysis helps identify identified ransomware strains, to avoid new infections. It also helps detect the presence of any sensitive data in your backups.

The introduction of a mechanism improved backup protection prevents the accidental or malicious deletion of backups as well as the carrying out of cryptographic operations (typical of ransomware). In fact, Veeam uses additional features on the immutability side and embraces the “four eyes principle“.

The latter requires that critical or sensitive activities must be supervised by at least two separate people before being carried out. This principle is aimed at ensuring control and cross-review for reduce the risk of errors or abuse. For example, in the case of backup managementthe four-eyes principle requires that critical operations, such as data deletion or restores, be authorized and monitored by at least two separate administrators with dedicated privileges.

Veeam Data Platform: Protect corporate data

The new features proposed by Veeam to achieve radical resilience

The term “radical resilience” is used by Veeam to highlight the importance of a fast and reliable data recovery process in the face of increasingly widespread and dangerous cyber attacks. It is a concept that emphasizes the need not only to recover from a attackbut also to continue working (almost) as if nothing had happened, despite what happened.

To look at radical resilience, Veeam explains that it has launched essential new features:

  • AI Assistant driven by large language models (LLMs). Use product documentation as an essential tool to broaden IT administrators’ knowledge and improve efficiency.
  • Object storage. The Veeam proposal is rooted in the idea of ​​storing data as discrete objects, each with its own specific unique identifier. Backing up these objects can rely on powerful granular restore capabilities, on-premise like on the cloud, thanks also to the aforementioned immutability.
  • Cloud workload management. Veeam solutions extend their reach to platforms such as Amazon S3, Amazon DynamoDB, Azure Blob, Azure Virtual Networks and Google Cloud Spanner. Automatic recovery validation in the cloud saves time by automating the manual post-recovery tasks required to recover an on-premises workload to Microsoft Azure.
  • Veeam App for ServiceNow. It offers open integration to monitor backup jobs, sessions and recovery points across one dashboard pre-established, with the possibility of automatically noting any incidents.

Il cybercrime It continues to be, unfortunately, a very profitable business

Given the current situation, solution providers for the backup and restore they are called upon to guarantee a complete range of useful functions to deal with every type of situation.

Among them it is necessary to include features that allow companies and professionals to detect and block attacks in the bud. The malware detection engine integrated with artificial intelligence, Veeam’s new threat center and zero-trust approach are the litmus test of the company’s renewed commitment to protect customers and allow them to quickly and easily recover operations in case of attack.

On the other hand, as he explains Danny AllanCTO of Veeam, “85% of organizations have experienced at least one ransomware attack in the last year, while only 16% managed to recover their data without paying any ransom” (source: Veeam Data Protection Trends Report 2023).

Ensuring that your organization is protected and resilient is the only way to remain immune to the consequences of a cyber attack which, otherwise, can be truly harmful.


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