Vision Pro: the Apple viewer will be available for purchase only by appointment

Vision Pro: the Apple viewer will be available for purchase only by appointment

Il Vision Pro is the latest big thing from Apple. Presented during WWDC23, the mixed reality headset has attracted the attention of fans (and even some criticism, such as that of Mark Zuckerberg), but there is still to wait before being able to put it on and embark on experiences never experienced before. In the meantime, we can be satisfied with the information that with a certain frequency spreads reliable rumors of the sector, such as Mark Gurmanaccording to which the Vision Pro will be purchasable by appointment only. At least at the beginning.

The signature of Bloomberg describes part of Apple’s plan to launch its first headset. From the report we learn that the Cupertino giant will enrich its stores with aree create ad hoc to allow users to try the viewer and, above all, choose the right accessories. The logistical problem it is in fact just that: Apple will provide bands of different sizes to ensure the best possible experience, but it will be necessary to satisfy every request at all times.

Furthermore, Mark Gurman explains that Apple Stores will have to rely on a extensive inventory of “trial stock” and spare partsbecause potential buyers could buy more accessories for a single Vision Pro. Likewise, they should not miss the prescription lenses (manufactured by Carl Zeiss). There is even talk of thousands of lenses in stock, all the time.

Apple Vision Pro

Another accessory is the top strap, which – apparently – would still be under development. Furthermore, on the agenda there could also be collaborations with third-party companies so as to make “compatible” accessories available with all types of clothing:

At Apple, we are aware that not all customers may wear clothes with pockets where they can store the Vision Pro battery pack. For this reason, the company has considered asking accessory manufacturers to create shoulder bags for such scope.

Gurman also points out how these factors pay off the sale of the Vision Pro outside the Apple Stores is more complex. Perhaps this is precisely why, as stated in the report, the viewer will not arrive in third-party stores before 2025.

As for theonline purchase instead, Apple would be developing an app for scanning the face to make everything easier. At checkout, users will need to upload a scan of their face and provide any prescription lens prescriptions.

Apple Vision Pro will initially be purchasable only in the United States starting from the first months of 2024. By the end of the same year, then, the availability of the viewer should also expand to other markets, including the European one.

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