visionOS, the development package for the Apple Vision Pro viewer is ready

When launching a new product, create a developer community lively and proactive, with an ecosystem of applications that end users can install, leads to a number of significant benefits: expansion of features, continuous innovation, rapid product adoption, continuous feedback and testing, support and knowledge sharing. Apple is well aware of this and today presented the development kit for visionOSpresented as the “world’s first space operating system“.

After presenting Apple Vision Pro, the ball then passes to the developers and their ability to imagine innovative experiences. In fact, Apple has just made the visionOS development kit (SDK). Il SDK package allows developers to bring their apps to life in ways never before possible and to create new experiences for the spatial computing.

Apple delivers Vision Pro to developers with new visionOS development kit

Starting in July, Apple will open its “Developer Labs” in six cities around the world (Cupertino, London, Munich, Shanghai, Singapore and Tokyo). Developers will be able to try their apps directly on the hardware Apple Vision Pro. Development teams can also apply to receive i developer kituseful for quickly designing and testing directly on Apple Vision Pro.

Apple points out that although Vision Pro is a revolutionary product, program apps for this device it is not complex. Far from it. Developers can start writing visionOS apps using them framework which they have been using for years on other Apple platforms. For example Xcode, SwiftUI, RealityKit, ARKit e TestFlight. However, they can go further, thanks to new ones tool of development like Reality Composer Pro.

Reality Composer Pro is a brand new tool for previewing and model preparationanimations, 3D images and sounds which helps to perfect the rendering of apps and games on Vision Pro.

The new visionOS simulator it also offers the ability to interact with apps and try out different room layouts and lighting conditions. Finally, each framework integrates the innovative ones accessibility features Apple, so that the visionOS apps and the spatial computing are accessible to anyone.

Apple visionOS development kit

What is Spatial Computing?

With expression spatial computing it refers to the interaction and digital manipulation of objects and information in three-dimensional physical space. This technology combines elements of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) to create immersive experiences where users virtual objects are integrated into physical space surrounding.

The technology, which represents an evolution in human-machine interaction, allows users to interact with digital content as if they were physically present in the real space. This is accomplished using technologies such as positioning sensors, cameras, VR/AR headsets, wearables, and object recognition and tracking algorithms.

Through it spatial computing, users can see, touch and manipulate virtual objects within their physical context. For example, you can view and move virtual objects in a real room, project contextual information onto real surfaces, or interact with virtual simulations that integrate with your surroundings.

The application fields of Apple Vision Pro and visionOS

This technology offers benefits within a wide range of application fields. For example, in the realm of design and architecture, it allows users to view 3D models to full scale and virtually explore the spaces before they are built. In the context of gaming, offers more immersive and realistic gaming experiences. In the context of didacticcan provide interactive simulations that foster experiential learning.

Apple presents visionOS as a space operating system precisely in this sense. It indeed equips Vision Proa device that allows the user to interact with digital contents as if they were physically present in his space, controlling them with the most natural and intuitive means of input available: the eyesthe mani and the voce.

Development teams can imagine new ways to help people connect, work, and play. We can’t wait to see what our developer community will be able to imagine“, he pointed out Susan PrescottVice President of Worldwide Developer Relations di Apple.

visionOS: new store coming soon for developers

visionOS: Developers appreciate the new SDK

Developers who previewed the visionOS SDK package were extremely satisfied. The development kit and API visionOS released by Apple will allow you to unleash the potential of the platform creating completely new experiences for users.

Just think that from July 2023, those who already develop 3D games and apps with the powerful authoring tools of Unity will be able to perform the porting of Unity apps on Apple Vision Pro and take full advantage of its powerful functions.

Il mantra is clear: Vision Pro and visionOS allow you to to get where before it was absolutely impossible.

Apple presents the first four applications: a “taste” of the potential of Vision Pro

While waiting for the developer community to make clear what can be achieved with Apple Vision Pro and visionOS, Apple spokespersons cite some experiences from which it is possible to benefit. Complete HeartX, for example, helps medical students prepare for real-world clinical practice. Using 3D models hyper-realistic and animated, students can explore and visualize medical topics such as ventricular fibrillation to then apply the knowledge acquired on patients. “Complete HeartX on Apple Vision Pro will revolutionize medical education and prepare future healthcare professionals for work“said Jan Herzhoff, president of Elsevier Health.

L’app djay available for Apple Vision Pro puts a complete DJ rig into the hands of the users. Thanks to the new spatial interface, anyone can remix their favorite songs and apply effects in real time with a simple movement of the hands or eyes. The djay app on Vision Pro is aimed at beginners and professionals, and transforms the surrounding space into incredible environments that automatically react to the user’s mixes and allow you to interact with the music in ways not possible before.

Con JigSpace professionals and companies can communicate their ideas or offer their products in totally new ways. The new application for Vision Pro uses file CAD high-resolution images to enable marketing, sales, product, and service teams to collaborate with customers around the globe.

With Apple Vision Pro, managers in different departments and corporate locations can simultaneously review content for to make decisions. For example, the Cupertino company cites the AR solutions of PTC: They help collaborate to solve important problems concerning individual products or entire production lines, by inserting 3D interactive content into the real world.

How to try visionOS and start developing for visionOS right away

The visionOS SDK package, updated Xcode software, Simulator e Reality Composer Pro are available to Apple Developer Program participants at Registered Apple developers have access to a variety of resources for designing, developing, and testing apps for Apple Vision Pro, including extensive technical documentation, new design kits, and visionOS user interface guidelines.

To learn more about developing new apps for Apple Vision Pro and for request the developer kit starting in July, just refer to the page Discover visionOS.


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