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Watch Netflix offline by downloading films and subsequent episodes

Watch Netflix offline by downloading films and subsequent episodes

How to download episodes of TV series and films from Netflix on Android, iPhone, iPad and also on PC to watch them even without an internet connection

Netflix is ​​the reference platform for those who want to enjoy a film or TV series at the highest quality simply by connecting the device to the Internet and starting playback with a simple touch on the screen or remote control.

If we are about to go on holiday or have to face a long journey it is worth it take advantage of the Netflix download featureso from download movies and TV series present in the catalog and view them on a tablet, smartphone or PC, even without an Internet connection.

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1) Requirements to watch Netflix offline

To watch TV series and movies offline from the Netflix app Supported devices must have the latest version of the Netflix app and that a specific plan is active (Windows PCs only). We can currently download content on the following devices:

  • Smartphone o tablet Android
  • iPhone o iPad
  • PC con Windows 10 o 11 (Ad-free Netflix plans only)
  • Tablet Amazon Fire
  • Google Chromebook con Google Play Store

In addition to installing the latest version of the Netflix app, we will have to make sure that we use a plan compatible with the type of device in use. Su PC Windows it is necessary to activate theStandard or Premium subscriptionwhile on any other device we can also download with the subscription Standard with advertising.

Limits and Subscriptions

Depending on the type of active subscription, we can download Netflix content only on a limited number of devices.

  • Standard with advertising: 2 devices supported at a time
  • Standard: 2 devices supported at a time
  • Premium: 6 devices supported at a time

If you want to download on all the devices associated with the account, it is recommended to immediately activate the most expensive subscription, which includes up to 6 different devices (including downloads from the Windows app).

Ad-free plans support up to 100 active downloads simultaneously on each device, for the maximum number of active devices on the chosen subscription. The plan with advertising has a limit of 15 total downloads on each single device in a calendar month.

2) Download a TV series or film from Netflix

To download any compatible TV series or film, all we have to do is open the Netflix app on the device in use and follow the steps below, choosing the right procedure based on the operating system used:

  • iPhone, iPad, Android o tablet Fire: on compatible mobile devices we can immediately watch the downloadable TV series and films by pressing the My Netflixby clicking on the icon Download and pressing up See what you can download.
  • Computer Windows: if we use the Windows 11 or Windows 10 app we press on the menu Otherwe then click on My downloads and finally up Find something to download; this menu is only visible if we have active subscriptions Standard o Premium.
  • Chromebook: from the app downloadable on Chromebook, press on the Download menu and then on Find more content to download.

If, however, we wanted to download just one film or the episodes of a TV series, all we have to do is press the button Download present next to the name of the film or next to each individual episode.

On Fire tablets and Android devices we can also download entire seasons onto the device by pressing the button Download seasonthus obtaining access to the TV series even without active Internet.

3) Watch downloaded TV series and films

After downloading the app we can watch the downloaded films and TV series by carefully following the procedures described below:

  • iPhone, iPad, Android o tablet Fire: we press on My Netflix and open the Download menu to immediately see the content downloaded and available offline.
  • Computer Windows: from computers just press on the left on the menu Other and click on My downloads to watch TV series and films downloaded for viewing without the Internet.
  • Chromebook: all downloaded content can be viewed by pressing the menu Download.

Downloaded TV series and films are available on the device on which they were downloaded, but can be viewed with any active profile for the account in use (even Children’s accounts, but only if the content is compatible with their age).

We remind you that downloads expire after a certain period of time many contents can no longer be downloaded indefinitely, presenting limits on annual downloads. It is therefore always a good idea to delete downloads from your device at the end of viewing or as soon as you return to Internet coverage.


Netflix allows you to watch your favorite films and TV series even while travelling without a reliable Internet connection or Wi-Fi network to use for the download. The downloaded contents are saved in a protected form (they are not MP4 files that we can copy or move) and will be deleted if we do not log in after a while or if we uninstall the app with the entire account.

The most attentive will have noticed that Download support for Macs is totally missing; by choice of Netflix it is not possible to download anything on Macs and MacBooks, therefore forcing you to use the web version of Netflix without any possibility of seeing the contents offline.

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