Watch with pedometer and notifications: alternatives to the Mi Band 4

Alternative Mi Band One of the most used devices to obtain information on notifications, calls and alerts is the smartband, a small watch-bracelet with innovative smart features designed both for those who do fitness (thanks to the heart rate monitor, pedometer and calorie counter) and for those who want to always be informed about what happens on your smartphone without having to turn on the screen every time! There is the cheapest and best selling smart band Xiaomi Mi Band 4, equipped with a small all-round display easily configurable via the fitness app.
But if we wanted another type of bracelet or smartband, what are the alternatives to Mi Band 4 available on the market?
In this guide we will show you which features a good smart band must have to be able to apply as a real alternative to Mi Band 4 and finally the inevitable chapter with all the bracelets we can buy online.

Best alternatives to Mi Band 4

Before showing you the smart band alternatives to Mi Band 4 we will show you the features that every smart bracelet must have in order to present itself as valid alternatives, without regretting the excellent value for money of the Xiaomi product.

Features of a smartband

Activity Tracker

In order to be considered a modern smartband must meet the following requirements:

  • Display: the smartband must have a good display visible in any light condition and able to provide the necessary information by touch or by pressing a button (often soft, then virtual). It must be presented as a small screen with low energy consumption (therefore OLED or similar), so as not to drain the small battery present in these devices.
  • Connection: the smartband can take advantage of all its features only if it is connected to the reference smartphone via Bluetooth connection. Better to focus on devices with Bluetooth low energy connection (LE or 5.0), able to increase the autonomy of the integrated battery.
  • Notifications and warnings: using the smartphone app, the smartband must be able to show the notices and notifications of the smartphone without having to turn on the screen of the same, even better with a textual preview of the notification (sender and part of the text of the notification).
  • Pedometer: practically all smartbands can work as pedometers, so you can monitor your fitness and running sessions in a more precise way (also thanks to the use of GPS on the most advanced models).
  • Heart: on smartband we can find an LED light heart rate monitor, which can significantly improve measured results with regard to physical activity (calories burned) and sleep quality.
  • Ergonomics: the smartband must be light and easy to carry, especially when compared to a classic watch or a smartwatch. After a short time it should be on the wrist as if it did not exist, so as to make it really comfortable to wear (otherwise it might as well bring a smartwatch!).
  • Autonomy: the best smartbands allow you to cover even 2 weeks with a single charge, so you have to recharge it with a lower frequency compared to your smartphone (on average one charge per day) or a smartwatch (usually 3-4 days).
  • Operating system compatibility: compared to other products, smartbands must be compatible with both Android smartphones and iPhones, so you can monitor activity without having to buy expensive smartwatches.
  • Interchangeable bracelets: characteristic of the Mi Band 4 is the possibility of changing the bracelet with other models of different colors or materials (metal bracelet for example). This feature is appreciated by users who want to impose their own personal style on whatever they wear, including the smartband.

Buying Guide

After having seen the best features that any smartband must have, below we find all the alternatives to the Mi Band 2 that we can buy online.

DBFIT Fitness Tracker

The most economical smartband we can view is the DBFIT Fitness Tracker.

This device is equipped with a large 0.96 “OLED display, low energy Bluetooth connection, long battery life, continuous heart rate monitoring system, fitness monitoring mode (based on different types of activities), quality control sleep and the ability to receive notifications, receive real-time time notifications, manage calls received from any phone and track our location via GPS (for fitness apps).
We can view this smartband from here -> DBFIT Fitness Tracker (€ 15).


Another good alternative Mi Band 4 that we can view is theAGPTEK C30.

With this bracelet, we can have most of the functions already seen on the Mi Band, including sleep monitoring, alarm reminders, camera control (to take the shot from the bracelet without having to hold the smartphone) and monitor each type of physical activity, also thanks to the integrated GPS.
We can view this smart bands from here -> AGPTEK C30 (€ 19).

HOFIT Fitness Tracker

Among the smartband or fitness tracker alternatives to the Mi Band, we can also view the HOFIT Fitness Tracker.

This bracelet also incorporates some of the features of other products, such as certified waterproofness (IP68), the LED heart rate monitor for constant heart rate measurements, the pedometer system, the display of notifications and smartphone calls and monitoring of our fitness activity.
We can view this smart band from here -> HOFIT Fitness Tracker (€ 25).

Honor Band 5

One of the best smart bands or activity trackers we can wear on the wrist is definitely the honor Band 5.

This bracelet has many interesting features, starting from the 0.95-inch AMOLED screen visible in all light conditions, passing through waterproofing (certified up to 50m depth), intelligent notification system, advanced reminders, frequency technology HUAWEI TruSeen 3.0, sleep monitoring with awakening and REM phases (HUAWEI TruSleep) and can recognize the type of sport we are practicing, even when we are swimming (recognizing the style of the swim and the speed). If we look for a real alternative to the Mi Band 4, currently Honor Band 5 is practically on the same level, if not even above (especially in sports and fitness).
We can view this smartband from here -> Honor Band 5 (€ 29).


Finally, we mark the smartband made by HUAWEI, arrived at version 4.

A very elegant bracelet with a slightly curved (2.5D) color screen and various bracelets that can be interchanged, so you can always match the device to our style. Through the on-screen options, we can choose various types of dials (many dedicated to sports) and have a normal micro-USB port (protected by a waterproof door), so that it can be loaded as if it were a mobile phone without having to use dedicated charging devices.
We can view this smart bands from here -> HUAWEI Band 4 (€ 34).


If we often do physical activity and want something lighter and more practical than a smartwatch, we can focus on one of the smart bands (also called activity trackers) presented here above, all capable of replacing the large Xiaomi Mi Band 4 (currently the smart band) best selling in the world and in Italy).

If we want a smartwatch for fitness monitoring functions, we can continue reading on our articles Which smartwatch to buy: buying guide is How the Apple Watch Works.

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