Ways to charge your smartphone wirelessly

The ricarica wireless it is a very efficient system for recharging the battery of your smartphone and, although not fast like classic cable charging, it represents a solution much appreciated by users.

However, for some time now, the “old” idea of ​​wireless charging has given way to new solutions with increasingly attractive looks and designs, which allow people to hide your charger inside commonly used objects to be placed in the home, car or office.

So, for owners of one smartphone con Qi, buying a wireless charging device becomes much simpler and you can finally say goodbye to those skinny charging mats without the slightest appeal. Let’s find out more.

  • 1. How wireless charging works

    The ricarica wirelessat least for the moment, is a feature reserved for users high-end phones and not even in this case is it always guaranteed by the producers.

    Likewise, there are also other products that use this system, such as smartwatch or him wireless earphones which, more or less, almost all guarantee compatibility with this charging method.

    Although this is a fairly efficient solution, it is clear that it has not yet reached the levels of the old cable charging and, generally, it takes several hours before your device reaches 100% battery, so it is a system that is mainly used overnight or how long you stay in one place for a long time, such as at home or in the office (at most in the car for longer journeys).

    The operation is very simple and, in some ways, emulates a classic cable system except that the power supply, instead of sending low voltage current to the smartphone, the send to a specific pad which is activated only when it detects a compatible device nearby.

    When a wireless charging phone approaches, the magnetic coil inside the charging pad generates a low-power magnetic field which is intercepted by a similar coil present inside the device to be recharged, converting magnetic energy into electricity.

  • 2. Wireless charging at home

    Charging the battery of your smartphone or any other device takes place in the vast majority of cases inside your home.

    For this reason more and more systems for ricarica wireless they have become real and own design objectselegant but still functional.

    For those who often work from home, for example, they will have to buy a wireless charger to connect under your desk (or in any case under a metal surface 17 mm thinner) and charge your device simply by placing it next to you.

    No more flying cables and chargers scattered around the house, but just a practical and invisible solution.

    And the same thing It also applies to your bedside tablewith the possibility of installing such an instrument inside, or purchasing one directly “smart” bedside table which simply needs to be connected to the power socket and already integrates everything needed for charging inside.

    Another very interesting solution for your home is one lamp or a smart frame with the appropriate charging surface.

    These two products, in addition to great comfort and good adaptability to any environment (in this case they are also excellent for the office), also perform more than well the main function for which they were created: shedding light and containing your photos favorite.

  • 3. Wireless charging in the office

    Some of the tools just seen can also be used safely At the officelike the one just mentioned lamp with charging basethe frame for photos andclearly, the charger to place under the desk.

    Alternatively, and especially for those who don’t always stay in the office and need to travel often, another excellent one charging solution are the magnetic chargers that stick together on the back of the smartphone recharging it.

    This type of product represents a bit of the natural evolution of power banks only it doesn’t need any cable connection and they become almost there natural extension of the phone itself.

    The convenience of such a system is that you can continue to use your smartphone as if nothing had happened and move freely without being tied to cables and sockets of any kind.

  • 4. Wireless charging in the car

    Some of the more modern cars on the market, integrate a special compartment inside them for storage charging wireless devices. So while you’re driving, you just need to place your device in there and charge it for the duration of the journey.

    For those who have an older car it is possible to purchase a device support with wireless charging. This is the classic support for magnetically attaching your device, but which also includes the charging coils, so as to “automate” the whole process without needing additional cables (besides the one to be inserted into the cigarette lighter socket, of course) .

    However, it must be underlined that this specific case the “savings” in terms of cables are really minimal and the only benefit of this system is that the charging cable is not connected directly to the smartphone and can therefore be hidden or fixed to the dashboard without any problem.

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