Read personalized news in Google News, an online news aggregator app on PC, Android and iPhone

Restore Google News Google News is the specific section of the Google site that aggregates the main news so that you are not forced to go to each website and without getting lost in always reading the same news.

On phones it is also known as Google Discover and it is present both on Google Chrome and in the Google app (both available for Android and for iPhone), so as not to miss a single piece of news that interests us or that we absolutely must read.

In the following guide we will show you how to open and restore Google News on your phone or PCalso going to solve any problems such as the disappearance of news in the search bar or within the browser.

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1) Activate Google News from the launcher

If we use the system launcher or a modern launcher (like Nova Launcher) we can read Google news on the home screen of the phone by opening the app Settingstaking us to the menu Home screen and activating the switch next to the entry Google Discover.

Now all we have to do is go to the home and scroll from left to right, so as to view relevant news in our area or news based on our interests. Many launchers now include Google Discover as an option to be activated separately.

The best third-party launchers (installable on any phone or tablet) can be viewed in our ai guide best Android Launchers.

2) Activate Google News from Google Chrome mobile

Another great way to read Google News on our phone involves downloading Google Chromethe famous Google browser available for Android and for iPhone.

To activate Google News on Google Chrome mobile, open the app on our phone, press the house-shaped icon at the top left (or close all tabs open up to that moment) and, on the Chrome home screen, press on gear icon (next to the entry Discover – Disabled o Discover – Off) and press on Activate.

After activating Google News we can manage the news to show by pressing the gear icon again and pressing on the menus Manage activities e Manage interestsso as to customize the news to show in the app home.

3) Activate Google News from the Google app

Reading the news of Google News can be done from the app Googleintegrated into all smartphones Android but downloadable as a separate app on iPhone.

This is probably the best way to open Google News, especially if we use a browser other than Chrome or a launcher that is not compatible with Google Discover. To proceed, open the app Google on our phone, press on the top right on the profile picture, press on Settingslet’s go to the menu generals and activate the switch next to the entry Discover.

To make the news more relevant to our tastes and what we are often looking for, we can also go to the menu Personal achievements and turn on the switch next to the entry Show personal resultsin order to receive only the news that we like or that we like to read.

4) Download the Google News app

If we want to read the news by scrolling through the various sites or newspapers, there is the Google News app, which we can download for free from Google Play Store and fromApple App Store.

After downloading the app, just open it and associate your Google account to immediately receive a news feed based on our interests and on what we have already read on Google Discover; alternatively we can follow or add the magazines, newspapers and sites that interest us the most, so as to receive constant updates and pleasant news.

For more information, you can read our guide on best apps to read the news of the day on android and iphone.

5) Activate Google News from PC

Google Chrome on PC does not have a Google Discover service, but we can always open the site quickly Google News.
The Google News site works very well and allows you to follow the news of the day, local news and provide information on the main football, sport and general culture events, always remaining connected to what is happening around us.

For convenience we can “transform” the Google News page into a handy desktop app by opening the Google News site with Google Chrome and converting to a Windows app, as seen in our how-to guide Turn any site into a desktop app with Chrome on Windows.

You can also open theGoogle homepagepress the icon with the dots at the top right and click on the button News to find news related to each search made.


Google News has been a reference point for many years anyone who wants to read the daily news or local news in real timeby simply opening Discover from the launcher, Chrome app or Google app. If for any reason we no longer read Google news, just follow one of the methods seen above to correctly restore the flow of news, even from a PC.

It is also possible to follow the news of How2do in Google News adding it among the custom sources, from this link.


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