Waze, a new security feature arrives for users

Navigation applications have achieved great success in recent years, becoming essential for drivers all over the world. In reality, even those who travel on foot in a city they are visiting take advantage of such solutions and there is no doubt that among these there are also Waze.

The famous giant announced this week that a new feature dedicated to security will now be available to its users. This will affect both devices iOS that those Android. This new feature will be particularly important: it will allow users to see the history of road accidents before starting any trip.

As was obvious, this new security feature will be powered and made possible by the use of artificial intelligence, but the Waze community will also provide its great contribution. According to the company, the accident history alerts provided by the app will be able to combine historical accident data and important route information.

Waze will allow you to know in advance the roads subject to frequent accidents

Depending on typical traffic levels, whether it is a highway or a local road, or other aspects such as altitude or other, a road can be more or less prone to accidents. Now, however, Waze changes everything: its new function takes all these aspects into consideration and provides users with a warning should they choose to take a particularly dangerous road.

The new safety feature has been implemented to allow drivers to always keep their eyes on the road, even when they receive an alert from the app. In fact, Waze has announced that it has limited the number of pop-up alerts, not showing them on the roads they travel regularly.

A new experience is therefore about to open in the world of navigation and will once again be branded Waze.


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