Websites where you can test mouse accuracy

How to understand if the mouse we are using is precise enough? Let’s discover the best sites to find out the accuracy of each PC mouse

mouse accuracy

By purchasing a new mouse we can immediately test it using some simple sites, on which we can easily test the precision of the mouse without downloading any type of software. These sites are mini tests or point-and-click mini games that measure, in an approximate manner, how precise and accurate the newly purchased mouse is.

To test the precision of the mouse you don’t need who knows what tool, but just connect to one of these websites via Chrome or any browser to test how accurate the movement of a mouse cursor is, whether used for gaming or for work.

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1) Mouse Accuracy

Mouse Accuracy

The first site we can use to test the accuracy of the mouse is Mouse Accuracywhich can be used to effectively test a mouse with a nice little mini-game.

Leaving the basic settings, you can immediately start the test by pressing Start at the bottom and clicking on the circles before they disappear, within a period of 30 seconds; at the end the test result will be shown (it must exceed 95% to obtain a good level).

The site in question allows you to change the difficulty, the size of the circles, the duration of the test, the color and the display of the interface.


Another interesting test to understand if the mouse is accurate can be found on the site Arealme.comwhich offers a different mini-game than the previous one.

By pressing the button Start we will see drag the ball quickly along the line (which will update from time to time), preventing it from coming out of it; the moment the ball goes off the track the game stops and the score is calculated.

To understand if we have a good mouse it is sufficient to exceed 30 points, otherwise the test will tell us that we are poor mouse users (even if in reality it could be the mouse that is not as precise as we thought).


Among the many sites that we can try to test the precision of the mouse we also find hwtests.comwhich offers a mini-game very similar to the one seen at the beginning of the guide.

Here too we will have to press with the new mouse on the dots that appear very quickly, with the difference that towards the end of the game the dots “move” on purpose, thus testing our reflexes and the accuracy of the mouse, eventually also showing the score obtained. Exactly like the first test shown we can modify the parameters of the game to make it even more difficult.


Another good site to test the precision of the mouse is cpstesters.comwhich features the mini-game of quickly pressing circles, with an increasing level of difficulty.

Compared to other similar tests we only have 5 errors, that is, we can only skip five balls among those that appear on the screen (gradually faster and faster); after 5 errors we will see the result of our test, which will give us an indication of when we are good with the mouse and when the mouse is precise.


The last site we want to recommend is, a very simple test where we have to quickly press on the red dots that appear; the faster we press the more accurate the test will be.

At the end of the test we will see the result of the time taken in milliseconds appear: an excellent way to practice with the new mouse and find the right compromise.


By carrying out all the recommended tests we see that our mouse remains imprecise? The problem could concern the DPI of the mouse (better to set a higher value), the presence of dirt on the sensor, or a mouse that is too old, but it could also concern signal transmission problems, especially on wireless mice (it is always better to use mice with integrated receivers, as well as charging the wireless mouse or changing the included batteries).

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