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smart scales In a world where everything is digital and connected, the smart scale could not be missing in our homes, able not only to measure a person’s weight precisely but also to store the data collected within the fitness apps or dedicated apps, so that we can constantly monitor our progress and set goals to be achieved with fitness (the exercise to be done can be more or less intense based on the weight goal to be achieved).
In order to be able to do fitness in an advanced way, in this guide we will show you the best smart and “Impedance” scales, compatible with Android and iOS. They are therefore patient scales that not only measure the actual weight, but are also able to estimate, through the principle of impedance or impedance, other physical parameters such as the percentages of lean mass (FFM) and fat mass (FM) , the amount of water in the body and much more.
Once purchased it is enough connecting the scale weighs people, via Bluetooth or via Wi-Fi, to our smartphone and start using dedicated apps or fitness apps to manage the collected data.READ ALSO: Mi Band 4, from Xiaomi, the cheapest FitBand smartwatch for only 35 Euros

Best Smart Bathroom Scales

The scales that we will report below can be connected wirelessly to both Android smartphones and iPhones, so that we can collect data with any devices in our possession.
Great technical characteristics are not required, since in fact digital scales have existed for many years: we will only have to be sure that can be connected via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and that they can benefit from the dedicated app.
Some of the best scales can connect to fitness apps without the need to use a dedicated app (very useful if we already use one smartwatch or a smart bracelet for fitness).

Laica Smart Libra

If we don’t want to spend too much money on this smart accessory, we can view the Smart lay scale.

By choosing this scale we will have a device with a large backlit display that can measure weight and also calculate fat mass, water retention, skeletal muscle, basal metabolic rate and body mass index, obviously inserting the data relating to the height.
The data can be synchronized via Bluetooth to our smartphone, using the app Laica Home Wellness, available for Android and iOS.
If interested we can view this smart scale from here -> Laica Smart Libra (26 €).

Xiaomi Mi Body Composition 2

One of the best value for money smart scales is the Xiaomi Mi Body Composition 2.

This very beautiful scale to see and place in the bathroom has the latest generation Bluetooth connection, a hidden digital LED (it is activated only if we rest on our feet), it allows to store up to 16 profiles of people (adults and children) and has several sensors to measure various information on our weight (fat mass, muscle mass, water etc.), so as to fully evaluate our physical fitness and cardiovascular risk. The scale can be interfaced with the app Fit me, available for Android and iOS.
If interested we can view this smart scale from here -> Xiaomi Mi Body Composition 2 (32 €).

Nokia Body +

Another smart scale that we can view is the Nokia Body +.

With it we will have a high contrast display with real-time indication of weight changes, a system for monitoring body fat and water percentage, the percentage of muscle and bone mass. The scale allows you to store up to 8 different profiles (one for each person) and, climbing on the scale, it will automatically activate the right profile.
Data can be synchronized via Wi-Fi by downloading the app on a smartphone Health Mate, available for Android and iOS.
If interested we can view this smart scale from here -> Nokia Body + (83 €).

Garmin Index Smart

Among the most expensive and complete scales we find the Garmin Index Smart.

Its extremely elegant design combines a clear display with high contrast, with the possibility of obtaining information on the percentage of water, fat, muscle and bone mass with each measurement. The scale offers the ability to store up to 16 different users and can share data wirelessly via the app Garmin Connect, also available for Android and iOS.
If interested we can view this smart scale from here -> Garmin Index Smart (129 €).

Rowenta Body Partner Shape

If we are looking for the top of the range for intelligent scales, we can view the Rowenta Body Partner Shape.

This very elegant scale has a high contrast display capable of showing, in addition to weight, other important parameters on body composition (fat mass, muscle mass, water etc.); the package includes the electronic meter, capable of connecting to the scale via Bluetooth and also measuring arms, chest, waist, hips, thighs and calves. Advanced features include automatic detection of up to 8 profiles, plus a guest profile for occasional measurements (for friends or relatives). The collected data can be exchanged with the app Rowenta Body Partner, available for Android and iOS.
If interested we can view this smart scale from here -> Rowenta Body Partner Shape (149 €).

Other intelligent bathroom scales

The ones we have shown above are the most interesting smart scales, with apps that are always up to date and precise enough to accompany our fitness exercises or our weight goals.
On Amazon, however, there are also other intelligent scales, less famous but still worthy of mention:

  1. Uten Digital Bathroom Scale (25 €)
  2. Vigorun Digital Personal Scale (30 €)
  3. Deik Digital Personal Scale (33 €)
  4. KAMTRON Digital Weighing Scale (35 €)
  5. Etekcity Impedance Scale (69 €)

We can also choose our new smart scale from the direct link on Amazon.


Smart scales can totally change the way we measure body weight, showing much more data and information than just weight (just think of the body mass index and the compositions of fat mass and lean mass).
If we use fitness apps assiduously, these scales are essential to monitor the progress of the exercises and achieve all the objectives set.

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