We’ll have to wait a little longer for the Samsung Galaxy RING

We'll have to wait a little longer for the Samsung Galaxy RING

The first major conference of 2024 was held last January, organized by Samsung in San Jose on the occasion of the arrival of the new ones Galaxy S24. The classic Unpacked event, this time brought forward by almost a month compared to usual, gave birth to several interesting innovations. In addition to revealing the new top-of-the-range smartphones to the public, the existence of a wearable device that had been much talked about in recent months was also confirmed.

Il Galaxy Ring it actually popped up on the giant screen at the end of the event, with Samsung however providing only a few details. Now, almost a month later, it seems that new details have arrived directly on the web.

Want Galaxy Ring? Samsung will make you wait a little longer to get it

During the last few hours, new news has appeared online and appears to come directly from Samsung executives. Apparently, according to official sources, the manager of the South Korean company, Daniel Seung Lee, would have anticipated via LinkedIn that the Galaxy Ring will be launched in second half of 2024.

The public will probably not be satisfied with what has been reported, as it still remains a very wide and vague launch window at the same time. She had put the thought of seeing the famous ring during the next Mobile World Congress at the end of February, he will therefore have to put all thoughts aside.

On the other hand, however, we must also see the glass half full: someone had announced during the last months of 2023 that the Galaxy Ring would arrive in 2025 due to some medical approvals to be requested.

Having said that, the question that everyone is now asking is a must: will Samsung organize an ad hoc event or will it wait for the Unpacked of foldable? If the second option prevails, we will have to wait until August, the month in which the new Flip and Fold devices generally arrive. New information will certainly follow over the next few weeks.

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