Sites like WeTransfer to send large or large files of any size.

Large files
The files large can be very difficult to send over the Internet: 1GB, 2GB, or even 5GB can put a strain on our line, particularly if we have a connection with an upload speed of fewer than 2 Megabits per second. To send such a large file from one computer to another it is not possible to use traditional mail but we can other equally effective methods, we will just have to have the patience to wait !.In this guide, we will show you the best methods for transfer large files using the Internet, very useful if we have to send an ISO file to a friend, a complete program, a large photo album, an MP4 with a performance or a personal event, a music CD, an entire DVD or a rather large PDF collection.

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Transfer and send large files

In this guide, we will not show you how to transfer files between two PCs at home or in the same company network because in this case, it is enough to share files between Windows PCs.
In this guide, we will see how to take advantage of the services dedicated to sending via personalized links, also available for free (obviously there are limits to the size of the files that we can send). From the point of view of privacy, we will have to trust these sites (which can keep files even for a certain period of time), but luckily the privacy laws are always quite strict (it is always advisable to encrypt the files we exchange with this method, so that cannot be intercepted).

How to send large files via websites

The best known and most used site for transferring and sending large files via the internet is WeTransfer, accessible from the official website.

With this service we can send up to 2 GB for free; at the end of the upload (easily restorable to upload in several hours or days) we will be able to provide our interlocutor with a link from which to download the file directly. Up to 20GB maximum file size, transfer protection, and link retention for a longer period are available for Premium users.

Another site that allows you to send large files quickly and easily is SendGB, accessible from the official website.

With this site, we will be able to send, without registration or account, a file via the Internet up to 5GB, complete with a sharing link ready for use at the end of the upload. If we want more capacity we can also benefit from the Premium service, which at a cost of € 2 allows you to send files up to 20GB (for 48 hours).

Another very large alternative for sending large files via a website is, available from the official website.
On this site, we can upload files up to 6GB for free, which will be kept in the form of links for 21 days (in the end they will be deleted and will no longer be available). It is currently the best site to send large files without having to pay a sum or activate a subscription.

Another service that we can use to send large files is TransferNow, accessible from the official website.
TransferNow website
With this service we can send files up to 4 GB in size for free, obtaining a convenient link to be provided to our interlocutor to start downloading (obviously after uploading). For premium users the limit is 20GB and files can be kept longer.

Another free service for sending any type of file is GrosFichiers, a site of Swiss origin that can be reached from the official site.
GrosFichiers site
This site allows you to upload files with a maximum size of 4 GB, then compose the message and enter the email of the user who will receive it. Our interlocutor will receive an email with the message and a link to download the file we have just uploaded. Being Swiss servers, they are much more attentive to privacy and delete files after a short time, so if we really need a site to send large files we might as well rely on the Swiss.

Other sites valid for sending files via Internet sites can be found in our guide to faster ways to share files on the internet.

Transfer and send files of all sizes via P2P

Usually, P2P is always associated with Emule or BitTorrent, with all the illegal connotations of the case. Instead, P2P is perhaps the only way to transfer large files via the internet thanks to some applications and above all without limits and without having to go to unknown sites. Surely this method is safer than using servers: the file is redistributed among all authorized clients, there are not a single PC or server that keeps everything so we can keep even our most secret files (always better encrypt them for security.
One of the best is without a doubt Resilio Sync, a free program that we can download from the official website.
Resilio Sync program
It allows two people to easily send and exchange large files without any limitations. Resilio Sync must be installed and started on both PCs, both the one sending and sharing the file. To establish communication and establish the connection between the two PCs, we can either use the sharing link created by another user or upload our folders and start sharing them, so as to obtain the necessary code to provide to the interlocutor.

Once a folder has been uploaded, we wait for it to be synchronized, then click on it to obtain the ID link to communicate to the other. If instead, we want to add a folder we can do it using the item Insert a key or a link and wait for the end of the synchronization. Many features are only available for a fee, but for basic use, this program is more than enough. The files you share are shown below on the window as well as those shared by the other PC. The transfer rate is limited only to your line speed – the faster your line, the faster you can exchange files!
If we are among the lucky owners of an FTTH line or an FTTC line (in short, optical fiber), we will be able to make the most of this type of programs, because the files are exchanged with great speed, almost as if it were in a local network. (especially if we have Gigabit or 1000 Mega). There is no limit to the size of the file: we can also upload a file of 50 or 100 GB, we will just have to wait for it to be uploaded to the P2P network so that we can share the link to another user, who will synchronize this folder on his Resilio.

To find out about alternatives to Resilio Sync, we invite you to read our articles on sites to send files in P2P with no size limits is Synchronize files between computers directly via the internet without limits (without cloud server).


What we have shown you in the previous chapters are the simplest and most effective ways to send files of any size using the Internet connection. Even if the free versions show limitations (since these services still have to gain something), we can still send files up to 6GB for free or, alternatively, set up a free P2P sharing platform and share download links with no size limits. (the only real limit is the Internet connection, which must be fast uploading).

If we want to use e-mail services suitable for sending large files, we invite you to read our article Email large files or attachments.
For files smaller than 2GB we can also rely on the services offered by Telegram and WhatsApp, as seen in the guide Transfer files to the Whatsapp and Telegram cloud.


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