What are the alternatives to Notes, the iPhone app

Note is the famous home application Apple to use to write whatever you want, come on shopping lists until you get to the personal notes.

It’s a real one notebook to be used by default on iPhone e iPad quickly and easily and without the need to resort to alternative solutions to download fromApple Store.

Clearly, for those who really don’t want to use the Notes app, they can easily choose one of the many other similar programs available (often free of charge) within the Cupertino company’s virtual store.

There are many options, so it is worth analyzing the most efficient and most appreciated by Apple users.

  • 1. Craft Editor

    This app really is very similar Note per iPhone and allows the user to synchronize the various notes produced between the Apple devices at his disposal, including iPad and Mac.

    Despite the similarities, however, in this case we are talking about a much more feature-rich program compared to Note, representing the perfect solution for those who need take notes at 360° also integrating Images, tabel and much more.

    Furthermore, many are already available by default customized templates which allow the composition of different types of notes, far from the “simple” post-it.

    In the end, Craft Editor it is also excellent for collaboration: Linking the account to a called function Spacesallows you to share your projects with a working group of more people and even of esportarli in Word o PDF.

    The user can choose between a free plan and one in subscriptionthe first is excellent especially if you don’t need the sharing options even if the user will only have 1 GB of space available.

    The Pro version costs $4.99 per month and unlock the full potential of the application, with additional features and more cloud space.

  • 2. Evernote

    Evernote is one of the most famous applications for taking notes and allows the user to insert any element into their notes, from photos to videogarlic audio and to notes taken by hand.

    Furthermore, it is also a decidedly system fast and very intuitiveto be used in any context, even as browser extension (for desktop obviously) with the possibility of saving documents and files from the web and synchronizing everything also with the app version for iPhone.

    For organization freaks, Evernote has a efficient search system and the cataloguing of widely customizable notes that guarantees quick and functional management of all your notes.

    Here too, two versions are available, that one free and that to paymenthowever it must be underlined that opting for the free one could be quite limiting.

    The subscription unlocks all the advanced features of the notes application on iPhone (and beyond), including 10 GB of cloud space e many customized models, however it has a very high cost 14.99 euros per month which is not really within everyone’s reach.

  • 3. Google Keep

    Google Keep it is one of the most popular note apps ever and, although it is not exclusive to Apple devices, it still works very well.

    In short, it’s about a kind of workbench where the user can carry out various activities which, in some ways, refer to G-Suite, Big G’s productivity suite.

    With Keep, in addition to taking notes, you can sync them with Calendaruse the various productivity programs above, access the functions of automatic transcription of voice memos and use any multimedia element you want for your notes.

    Also, being a product fully integrated into the Google ecosystemsave all your work on the storage space integrated into your account, with the possibility of accessing it from any device and at any time.

    Another advantage of Google Keep is that it is completely free and to use it that’s enough have a Gmail account active.

  • 4. Stashpad

    Stashpad is an application for iPhone simple, functional and very complete. The perfect solution for all those users who they love taking notes and that they need a system that allows them to best organization possible.

    The interesting feature of this product is that it seems to use a messaging program to be exploited, however, to send messages to oneself.

    Another point not to be underestimated many functions for organization of your own notes, with a very efficient search system which allows you to quickly find everything you need.

    Stashpad is available in free version but if used in this way the user will be limited to a maximum of 50 sheets of notes. There are quite a few, but for those who take a lot of notes they may not be enough.

    To eliminate this limitation you can purchase the Pro version at the price of 8 dollars a month which allows users to use unlimited notebook paper.

  • 5. Notion

    Notion is another alternative app to Notes for iPhone that allows the user to access a large number of functions, from simple notes until you get to document creation, database and much more.

    Even in this case it is possible to use it as if it were a kind of work space in which to insert not only textual content but also multimedia files of different nature and share everything with your work group.

    Moreover, always on the subject of collaborationit’s possible assign tasks, leave feedback e collaborate on a project in real timealso using third-party services such as Google Drive and much more.

    The free version of Notion works very well but limits the number of collaborators and the number of files to upload. By subscribing the $10/month subscription you can easily eliminate the limitations and use the app to its fullest.

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