The Android apps that I recommend everyone to install, recommended for every smartphone including Samsung, Xiaomi and others

Very useful apps on Android Among the many useful applications that you can try on our Android phone. Some of the best apps are already installed on many people’s phones but many others can be added to the smartphone to improve the potential of our phone.

Let’s find out together what are the apps that cannot be missing on Android, giving priority to apps available for free from the Google Play Store; to install them we can either use the link next to the app name or search for the name directly on the store.

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1) How2do Tech News

NavigaWeb Tech News The first app to install immediately on Android is the app How2do Tech Newswhich allows you to immediately access all the guides and insights on our site without having to open a web browser every time.

The app adapts well to both phones and tablets equipped with the Android operating system and also provides a convenient (heart-shaped) button to keep your favorite items close at handso that you can read them again later from the side menu (then pressing on Do you like it).

Also in the sidebar it is possible to access the site’s home page, the dedicated search page and the Google News page reserved for How2do, as well as being able to change the theme (from light to dark or vice versa) and quickly change some app settings (as for example automatic updates, notifications and removal of read articles).

2) Google Photo

Google Photo
Even if it is often pre-installed, it is always worth checking its presence, given that Google Photo is the must-have app for Avoid losing photographs taken with your phone’s cameras.

We always recommend installing this application to activate the backup of photos taken with your phoneso as to transfer the photos taken to Google’s secure cloud and eliminate the risk of losing the photos if the mobile phone breaks or is lost.

Google Photos is also a powerful photo and video editorto edit and improve shots and recordings in a personalized, easy and professional way.

3) Google Lens

Google Lens
Another thing that cannot be missing on a modern phone is Google Lensa real all-round lens capable of immediately recognizing any type of object, plant, animal, flower or place in the frame.

The app also includes the real-time translation system of billboards, documents and writings, so that we can use the rear camera to orient ourselves and understand where to go or where to stop, as well as looking for objects similar to those in the frame.

To learn more we can read our guide on how to use Google Lens on Android and iPhone/iPad.

4) Microsoft Authenticator

Microsoft Authenticator Since more and more web services use thetwo-factor authentication to protect users from hackers it is worth installing on the phone Microsoft Authenticatorthe best app on the store for saving codes generated over time.

Using this app we will be able to get the temporary authentication code of virtually any service, either by adding the QR code (via camera) or by manually entering the history code; once the addition is complete we can protect access with fingerprint or biometric unlocking.

The app allows you to obtain thepasswordless login to your Microsoft account and synchronizes with the associated Microsoft account, so we can recover temporary codes even when we change phones.

To learn more we can read our guide to best apps to generate OTP, for secure access to sites.

5) Microsoft Lens

Microsoft Lens
For those who use a lot of paper documents and have to scan many diagrams and spreadsheets, the app Microsoft Lens it practically becomes a work companion.

The app uses the rear camera to scan any paper document and convert it to PDF; among its innovative functions we also find the conversion of handwriting into digital text, the creation of images in tables and synchronization with Microsoft 365.

On the same topic we can read our article on Microsoft Lens OCR scans.

6) ShareMe

ShareMe An app to install immediately on all the Android devices we use is ShareMethe best file sharing app between Android devices.

Its use is really simple: open the app, press on Send and you choose the files, photos or documents to transfer; in the meantime on the other Android phone we open the app and press on to receive to show the QR code. The sender just needs to scan this code to immediately send all the selected files to the recipient.

If we want to share files and documents with iPhones, the best apps are SHAREit e Send Anywhereboth of which can also be downloaded on iOS.

7) Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge A modern and truly complete browser to test on Android is Microsoft Edgecurrently the best alternative to Google Chrome.

In addition to presenting synchronization with Microsoft Edge on Windows PC it also allows you to use unwanted content blocking and direct chat with Bing Chat (GPT-4 artificial intelligence), integrated coupon system, real-time news, Bing search, fast sending of cards to Edge on PC and integrated translation system.

8) Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox I always recommend adding it to the main browser Mozilla Firefoxwhich still remains the best browser for customization, security and privacy.

This browser can be set to start immediately in anonymous mode, without saving any browsing session; we can also set the automatic deletion of contents when exiting the browser or delete open tabs after a certain amount of time, so as to obtain true privacy (especially if we combine it with a VPN service).

9) Microsoft SwiftKey

Microsoft SwiftKey Although the keyboard integrated into the phone may be great, the best keyboard that we can install now on Android is without a shadow of a doubt Microsoft SwiftKey.

The keyboard has a very efficient word prediction system, allows you to write quickly with the Flow function and with gestures on the keyboard and has numerous functions highly requested by users: integrated Bing Chat, anonymous mode (where it does not store the words) , integration with the main password saving systems (Google, Microsoft, LastPass and Bitwarden), integrated translator, GIF and sticker search system, resizing and theme system.

To learn more we can read our guide to App to change the keyboard of iPhone and iPad.

10) Other apps to try on Android

In addition to the apps seen so far, we can try other famous apps that we have often talked about in other guides or that we often find recommended for all Android devices.

1) Nova Launcher it is the best launcher for Android, better than the one pre-installed in any other smartphone to enrich the phone with functions, make it more modern and more customizable. Alternatively it is also very good Microsoft Launchercompletely free and full of customization features.

2) Pushbullet: this is the app that puts the PC in communication with the phone in order to receive notifications arriving on the Android smartphone on the computer. Pushbullet may not be useful for just everyone, but it is really recommended and recommended for anyone who works on a PC every day. In another article, the guide for receive Android notifications on your PC in real time. Pushbullet is also very convenient for transferring files from phone to PC quickly.

3) Teamviewer o Chrome Remote Desktop the applications are equivalent and it is worth preferring Chrome remote desktop if you use Chrome on your PC as your default browser and if you do not have particularly advanced needs, otherwise TeamViewer is better which is a more powerful program. The purpose of these apps is to connect remotely to the PC, in order to control it remotely wherever we are.

4) Macrodroid is the application I always recommend for automating Android and making it more energy efficient. Alternatively, it can be recommended IFTTT per Androidsimpler even if with different functions.

5) Google Keep it is a fundamental app because it allows you to have a notepad that synchronizes securely so you can review what you have written/drawn/photographed even on a PC or another smartphone.

6) Google Drive it is highly recommended not only because it offers a free cloud space in which to store files and documents, but also because it integrates with Google Keep and Gmail and above all because it includes functions for opening and reading Office documents (Word, Excel and Powerpoint) as well as PDF.

7) Truecaller is the dialer app to block commercial calls that haunt us every day. Truecaller, in addition to automatically blocking calls from call center numbers, is also the best app for recognize unknown numbers.

8) Total Commander is today the app that I recommend for manage Android files so you can navigate through folders as you would on Windows. Total Commander is free, without limitations, lightweight and also capable of being enhanced via plugins.

9) Wazethe best alternative to Google Maps, works very well as a complete and efficient satellite navigator, given that shows real-time traffic.

10) Connection to Windows is one of the most useful apps ever for Android, the one that allows you to keep your PC in communication with your smartphone in order to receive calls, send and receive SMS and notifications directly on the PC.

11) Google Files it is the best app to free up space and manage internal memory efficiently.

Other apps that we can install are:

  • Google Messages for messages;
  • IO App to receive communications from the public administration;
  • TuneIn for internet radio;
  • Google Keep for taking notes (but it’s also great Onenote);
  • SofaScore for football results;
  • Amazon for online purchases.

All these apps can be installed both on new phones and on those that are a few years old.


These are the apps that cannot be missing on Androidgiven that they add those essential functions that all users are looking for or that prove useful only after having used them at least once on our Android smartphone or tablet.

To learn more we can read the guides above how to install incompatible android apps for a smartphone come on how to change default apps on android.


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