How to use the main functions of the “Google Settings” found on all Android smartphones

Google Android Settings Guide On all Android phones we can access the Google account settings without having to use a PC browser. These settings are easily accessible and provide important information about what Google collects from your phone and which Google features we can activate (or deactivate).

In the following guide we will show you how to configure google settings on android and what to do with the various menus offered by the screen, so you always know where to press and which path to follow to manage a certain Google function on your phone.

We remind you that the menu Google is available in the app Settings of all phones with support for Google apps (excluding HUAWEI phones).

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1) Ads

This menu is dedicated to managing the advertising ID assigned to our Google account. Indeed pressing on Reset Advertising ID we can generate a new advertising ID for our account while pressing on Delete Advertising ID we will prevent external apps from using this ID to generate personalized ads.

We remind you that these keys do not prevent advertising from appearing in apps, but they can change the nature of the ads displayed (they will be less specific).

2) Backup

The reference menu for backups on the Google account. From here we can see when space stays up Google Oneactivate phone backup on Google One, immediately make a new backup and check the data saved on it (Apps, Photos and videos, SMS and MMS, Call history, Device settings and Google Account data).

At the bottom of the screen is a switch for also activate the backup on the mobile data network or Wi-Fi according to consumption: we activate this item only if we have a data offer with many Giga (at least 150 GB) or on a public hotspot network.

3) Autofill

In this menu there are entries to manage the SMS verification codesto manage Google autofill, and to manage phone number sharing.

In particular, the automatic compilation of Google will allow us to immediately access the apps whose credentials we have saved on Google Chrome or on the Google app, as seen in the guides on how to save credentials on google account come on how to use Chrome’s password generator, secure and automatic.

4) Configure and reset

This menu provides options for set up a nearby android device (like a new phone you just bought), but also offers menus for setting up your work profile or for restoring lost contacts after a phone reset.

To learn more, we can read our guide on how to switch all data from old phone to new android.

5) Parental control

With this menu we can configure the parental controls on our phoneassociating the apps of Google Family Link assigned to our minor children and administering the permissions and limits of each family member subject to parental control.

On this topic we can read our articles on how to use Google Family Link and similar apps come on how to create a google account for kids and children.

6) Mobile data and messages

If we have a phone number compatible with Google services it will be shown on this screen; this number is for receive confirmation SMS and manage the traffic generated by them.

To check spending and messages received, press on Phone number of the device and then on Control how others contact you.

On some phones and with some carriers this screen is blank: we don’t have to worry about this scenario and move on without thinking too much about it.

7) Devices and sharing

This menu provides some nice options for interface the phone with other purchased Google devicesas well as quickly set up access to the account used on the phone.

In fact, from here we can configure access to the Chromebookstart nearby sharing, manage compatible devices, launch Matter devices, and change options Google Cast (useful while we transmit the videos to the Chromecast).

8) Personal emergencies

A very important menu, where there are functions for the personal safety and to avoid facing dangerous situations with the phone in hand.

Available items vary depending on the phone in use (sui Google Pixel there are more options), but in most phones we also find the function that mute notifications while drivingeliminating any possible form of distraction.

9) Settings related to Google apps

A menu to always keep at hand, since it contains the settings of the various Google apps installed on the phone.

From here we can in fact check which apps are connected to our account, check Google Fit data, check Google Wallet settings, adjust the instant mode on Google Play, check Google Play Games, set up voice searches for Google Assistant and manage the contact sync.

10) Personalize the use of shared data

As many users will have guessed i Google data is shared between various appsbut we can prevent an individual app from using the shared data (it will only work with the information you provide while using it).

We open this menu and turn off the switch next to the Google app on which we no longer want to use the shared data; as basic settings they must be left all turned on, but if we have special needs or do not want to leave traces of our activity in a specific Google app, this is the menu for us.

11) Find my device

The last menu present is related to Anti-theft system built into Androidwhich allows you to locate the lost phone, block access (complete with a warning message), make it ring or reset remotely.

To learn more, we can read our articles on how to make stolen phone useless come on how to lock android remotely.


The Google settings menu provides us with the maximum control over the information and apps associated with your Google accountin particular on data sharing, on privacy regulations and on the activation (or deactivation) of particular functions.

We remind you that many options and settings related to privacy are available on dashboard di Googlewhich we talked about in the guides on how check your Google profile and shared personal data come on how to manage the data that Google collects about us.


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