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What are Windows portable apps and how do they work

PC applications Windows they became very complexwith a truly incredible potential but, what should not be overlooked, also extremely heavy.

It is not uncommon, in fact, to find programs that occupy several gigabytes of hard disk space and which they often need long and complicated installations which, even if a modern SSD is used, can still take several minutes.

But alongside these heavy softwares, there are alternatives called portable apps which have methods of use much more immediate.

Choose oneportable edition” is now a relatively simple thing and, by looking in the right places, it is possible to find portable versions of almost all the most popular software, so that users can use them freely (even on non-owned PCs) without giving up their functionality. Let’s find out more about it.

How to use portable apps

portable apps

What distinguishes a “normal” app from a portable one is that this second category it does not need to be installed on your PC.

Usually that’s enough open the compressed file (downloaded from the appropriate site) e launch the program as you would do with any software on the computer.

This solution, in addition to being much quicker compared to the classic installation methods, it is also definitely more practical and it needs a much smaller amount of memory than that needed for a complete installation.

Using a portable app is much simpler and allows the user to bypass the installation procedures, speeding up the use of the software in question

The user, therefore, will only have to create a folder containing all the files necessary to use the program in question and, if necessary, enter it to start the software without any problem.

Paradoxically it is also possible delete the program after each use and re-download the compressed file whenever needed, thus taking up virtually no space on the hard disk.

Advantages of portable apps


As mentioned at the beginning, there are many advantages of portable applications and, first of all, this is theirs great ease of use: just copy them into one USB pendrive the inside un hard disk portatile and always carry it with you to use it (on any computer) when needed.

Alternatively it is much simpler download a portable version whenever necessary and on every possible device, completely obviating the problem of occupied space.

While this streamlines the procedures for using the software on the one hand, on the other it also allows you to bring (or download) this application to any PC, including company ones, and use its features on devices other than your own.

Using a portable application allows you to easily move software from one PC to another and use specific programs without the need to install them every time

It is clear that eliminating all the tedious installation procedure the user will save precious time and will be able to start using the application in question immediately and, once finished, he can simply close it or delete it from the hard disk.

Still in terms of memory it is good to remember that such a solution It does not leave any files on your computer and to free up precious space, just delete the folder containing all the portable app files and that’s it.

With this system, in theory, the user could also protect certain file types which require specific software to be opened. By removing this program from the PC it becomes impossible to physically access the above files, effectively becoming a further security measure for users.

Disadvantages of portable apps

disadvantages portable apps

Obviously, as often happens, using “alternative” solutions also entails disadvantages that could compromising the user experience of all those who choose a portable app.

The first and perhaps the biggest disadvantage of all is that this type of program generally it is not developed for remote collaborationa discussion that especially in recent years has been crucial for productivity.

A portable application, in fact, can be used by only one user at a time and, although in some cases it is already normal, for other applications it could be a major limitation and, for example, it could prevent access to different users of the same work team which may not display real-time changes and specific system settings.

Furthermore, given that such solutions are mainly “moved” via USB sticks or external SSDs, any breakages in these devices or malfunctions of any kind could make it impossible to use the app or even the loss of personal data.

Where to download Portable Apps


Finding a Portable App is a relatively simple thing on the web there are dozens of sites which make hundreds of applications available to users (often free of charge), useful for any purpose.

The possibilities are truly many and there are portable software that can be used for any purpose, from productivity all’entertainmentpassing through l’editing audio/videothe one for Images and much more.

Among the best known, we certainly find PortableApps.com, but it is not the only example even if, certainly, it is one of the most reliable and best-stocked platforms ever.

There are many sites from which to download a portable app but it is very important to pay attention to viruses and malware that could hide within the download

And precisely when talking about reliability it is necessary to open a necessary parenthesis for user safety who choose to download portable apps: you need to pay close attention to the origin of this software.

In fact, it is not uncommon to come across sites that promise dozens of free programs but which, instead, download malicious files, such as virus o malware which attack the PC with potentially disastrous consequences.

Generally a good antivirus solves the problem at its root, stopping the download or execution of the malicious app and protecting the user. At the same time, however, also a little caution when surfing the web it never hurts and keeping your guard up is the best defense against the dangers of the internet.

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